Tablet is the Preferred Companion for TV

TV still plays an important role in how we obtain information and entertain.  For most homes, it occupies the prime location in the living room.  But with recent proliferation of mobile devices, our TV viewing experience is transforming.  Mobile devices such as tablets are enhancing our viewing experience as a second screen during TV-watching.  These devices also offer us the flexibility to catch up on shows untethered.  If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, below are some data and examples on how tablets could become your preferred companion for the TV.

According to a recent report from Nielson,  84 percent of Americans uses mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets while watching TV, especially tablets. The report pointed out people use tablets to enhance their viewing experience, for example they look up information on actors and plotlines(41%), surf the web (64%) and research and purchase products and services advertised (44%). Another popular second-screen activity is using it to share viewing experience with friends. In fact, roughly one million Americans turn to Twitter to discuss TV on an average day. And not to ignore the multi-tasker, who would sneak in an email or two during commercial breaks.  A high performance tablet that is thin and light with long battery life, such as Intel-powered tablets, will keep up with you while you are watching TV.

With thin and light tablets that have long battery life, you will have the option to watch your favorite shows even when you are on the road. Intel-powered tablets will offer the performance needed to stream shows seamlessly, allowing you the flexibility to watch the shows whenever and wherever you like. These sleek tablets will fit nicely in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. In additional to WiFi, some tablets now also offer 4G LTE connectivity.

With the trend of mobile watching catching on, many networks and businesses have apps for just this reason.  The HBO Go app and Comedy Central app are good examples of apps you can download onto your tablet to catch up on your favorite show if you are away from home.  Netflix and Hulu Plus also both have a wide variety of shows and channels featured among their full episodes available for streaming on your Intel-powered tablet.

There are many high quality Intel-powered tablets in the market that you can choose from now.  We also expect many new Intel-powered tablets to be available around the holiday shopping season.  This is a good gift option if you are looking to really indulge someone.

Share with us your favorite ways of using tablets whether it is using it as a first or second screen for TV shows!