Intel Graphics Momentum Showcased at IDF, and the Future’s Even More ‘Visual’

Last week at IDF, Intel, the #1 volume PC graphics company1, showcased the amazing 3D, Media, Display and Compute capabilities of the latest generations of Intel graphics. Thousands of developers and press were there, and packed audiences got the latest.


Intel graphics architects and specialists presented twelve graphics technical sessions and released a new whitepaper, ‘The Compute Architecture of Intel® Processor Graphics Gen8’. The whitepaper describes the architecture fundamentals to help developers optimize compute applications and understand the mechanics and performance of Intel Gen 8 graphics used in Core M processors and future 14nm products.

Download the whitepaper here… whitepaper

Here is a list of the Graphics Tech Sessions at IDF San Francisco 2014 and links to the content:

Session ID Title
MOBS002 Delivering Compelling Usages for Imaging with Intel® Architecture Based Platforms
SPCS002 Technology Insight: Intel’s Next Generation 14nm Microarchitecture for Client and Server
UEXS001 Augmented HD Video Communications Through Intel® Architecture Hardware System Optimization
GVCS001 The Compute Architecture of Intel® Processor Graphics Gen8
GVCS002 Intel® Processor Graphics: Optimizing Computer Vision and More
MOBS004 Accelerate Your Game Development on Android*
GVCS003 Hardware and Software Optimizations for Intel® HD and Iris™ Graphics
GVCS004 Intel® Processor Graphics: Power Optimization in Graphics Architecture
RPCS008 The Evolution of the Mini PC and Key Design Challenges
GVCS005 Microsoft* Direct3D* 12: New API Details and Intel Optimizations
GVCS006 Intel® Processor Graphics, Ready to Serve from the Cloud
GVCS007 Intel® Processor Graphics: Pluggable Display Post Processing Framework

Intel is also excited to announce that the new Intel® Core™  M processors are the industry’s first OpenCL™ 2.0 conformant processors. The new OpenCL SDK release (R2) works with Intel Core M processors and future 14nm products allowing visual computing applications to take advantage of OpenCL™ 2.0.

“We’re very pleased to be on the leading edge of OpenCL 2.0 support,” said Jonathan Khazam, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Visual and Parallel Computing Group.  “Intel has worked closely with the Khronos Group in defining OpenCL 2.0 and we’re proud to announce support in Intel’s new Core M processor family.  This major advance in graphics programmability and accessibility will help developers make greater use of the graphics engine to deliver new experiences on Intel-based platforms.”

 openclsdk Download Release 2 of the Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications here!

See Intel Graphics in Action at IDF…

If you missed the show, here’s a glimpse of the new platforms and the graphics, media and display demos that were shown at the Intel Visual Experience Pavilion and Tech Showcase:

 platform_showcase Platform Showcase See innovative designs like the MSI GS30 with great gaming experience using Iris Pro when “on-the-go,” and uncompromised enthusiast class gaming experience when docked, and the Acer V13 with Iris graphics for the value conscious consumer.
 openCL OpenCL 2.0 and Shared Virtual Memory on Cyberlink PowerDirector See OpenCL 2.0 and Shared Virtual Memory deliver lower CPU and GPU utilization on Cyberlink PowerDirector.
 dx12 DirectX12 and Intel Graphics Delivering better performance and lower power with DirectX12 and Intel Graphics.
 canon Canon 4K Debayering with Iris Pro graphics Better Performance when using graphics acceleration
 4k_video_playback 4K Video Playback and Triple Displays Powered by Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics See the powerful display capabilities of Iris™ Pro graphics in the GIGABYTE BRIX Pro.
 4k_media_experience 4K Media Experience: Video Codec HEVC/VP9 Review of the 4K Media Experience with Intel graphics, including HEVC and VP9 codecs.
 mainstream_gaming Mainstream Gaming on Iris Pro Graphics See Iris Pro Graphics running side-by-side with mainstream discrete card.  Can you tell the difference?
 hd-4k-upscale-arcsoft HD to 4K Upscaling with ArcSoft and Intel Graphics Upscale video from HD to 4K with Arcsoft and Intel Graphics.
 NUC NUC Interactive Experience Delivering great graphics on the NUC mini desktop PC product line.
widiIntel® Pro Wireless Display

See different usage scenarios for Intel® Pro Wireless Display capabilities.

cloudIntel® Iris™ Pro Empowering Cloud Graphics 

See Intel Iris powering graphics in the cloud.

Additionally, a new driver is now available which adds support for Intel® Core™  M processors and provides significant gaming performance for 4th Generation Intel® Core processors with Intel HD, Iris™ and Iris™ Pro Graphics while enhancing battery life through newer power conservation techniques such as ‘CMAA’ (an anti-aliasing algorithm to help smooth jagged edges) and Adaptive Rendering Control. Experience up to 30% improvement in performance in certain OpenCL workloads and up to 10% improvement certain games. The new and enhanced control panel offers additional media and display customization capabilities.

Download the latest drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit.

Another IDF in the books, and things never looked better for Intel Graphics!

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