Tackle Those Final Summer Bucket List Items with Your Tablet

summers endThe end of August is here, and unfortunately that can only mean one thing: summer is finally coming to a close. With September around the corner, we’ve developed a short bucket list to help you maximize those last few summer days before it’s time to officially say goodbye to “Summer Fridays,” bunker down and get back to business—whether that means the return of homework, long work hours or a calendar full of extracurricular activities. Each item on our list can not only be accomplished but also maximized with your Intel-powered tablet. So take a look below and tell us which one will top your to-do list!

  1. Binge-watch your favorite TV series on Netflix. You have approximately five full days, 120 hours and no commitments, so kick back, relax and watch your favorite show (we promise we won’t judge). Intel-powered tablets offer an immersive entertainment experience allowing you to watch in full HD display.
  2. Organize your favorite summer photographs. Tablets with Intel inside offer amazing visuals, and luckily that will be beneficial when using the dual-camera that is built in many like the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Between the weekend trips, music festivals and fun outings with family and friends, you probably have hundreds of pictures saved to your tablet. What better time than now to create albums so you can quickly go back and reminisce over your amazing summer in 2014.
  3. Start a journal. Once you get back into the grind of a busy work or school schedule, keeping up with a journal might be challenging. Give yourself a head start and document a few fun memories from the last few months to pick you up when those end-of-summer blues start to kick in. And if you want the option to write in laptop mode, the Lenovo ThinkPad 10 has a keyboard base!
  4. Bring out your inner-geek and game away. Maybe TV, movies, photographs and journaling are not your cup of tea. Thanks to the impressive graphics found in Intel-powered tablets, you can opt to participate in some serious gaming instead. The Android and Windows app stores offer a bunch of fun options to keep you occupied straight through the weekend. GT Racing 2 and Halo Spartan Assault are popular ones to check out!
  5. Finally bake or cook that tasty Pinterest recipe. Browse the web and select a delicious recipe you’ve been meaning to try all summer but never had the chance to make. Whether it’s a simple twist on the PB&J or a culinary masterpiece, follow the steps written out on your tablet and give it a go! The ASUS MeMO Pads deliver up to 9 hours of web surfing and video playback, so you’ll have ample time to find the best recipe out there and perhaps watch a few video clips of Rachael Ray for inspiration.
  6. Discover your hometown’s hidden gem. We tend to get stuck in the same daily routine when living in one city for a certain extent of time. Why not take the long holiday weekend to explore one area of your hometown that is new to you—maybe that small “mom and pop” restaurant you always pass or test out that hiking trail in a nearby park you’ve never ventured. Do some research and explore the options that exist. Now you can search for hours thanks with the long battery life of Intel-powered tablets.
  7. Create playlists to fit your mood. Plan ahead and create a few different playlists to ramp up your post-summer days. Maybe you need a few choices: one collection with your favorite songs to help you focus when writing those research papers and perhaps another to listen to with friends at a Friday night gathering. The Toshiba Excite Go is equipped with speakers that have SRS® Audio Enhancement so your sound quality will never be better.

Let us know how you are using your tablets to get the most out of the last days of summer!