Tablets Go on the Road


Whether on the adventure of a lifetime or lounging on the beach, tablets are the perfect companion to help you stay connected and entertained wherever your journeys take you this summer:

On the plane: The latest Intel-powered tablets have long battery power – some have more than nine hours of battery life. To keep you entertained on those long overseas flights or layovers, download some new movies, sit back and relax with the assurance that your tablet will keep you entertained for the whole flight.

In the car: Family road trips are a longtime summer tradition. However, sitting in the car for hours everyday can get less glamorous as the trip goes on. Keep your kids entertained in the back seat with interactive learning and entertainment apps. Intel-powered tablets support both Windows and Android, so take your pick of apps from the Windows or Google Play stores.

On the beach or At the Pool: Catch up on the news or your favorite magazine, or, if you have WiFi, stream the big game all from the comfort of your beach lounge chair. Intel-powered tablets are thin and lightweight, so carrying your tablet to the beach and propping it up to read while getting some sun is simple and convenient.

Sightseeing around town: When exploring a big city, you need all of your best tools at your fingertips. Whip out your Intel-powered tablet to take photos, look up directions or learn about the history of a certain landmark on the Web or in your favorite Windows or Android apps. Thanks to the power of Intel processors, you can switch back and forth between your apps quickly and easily so you never miss a beat.

No matter what your interests are or where your destination will be, this summer is the perfect time to take your tablet along for the ride. From productivity to entertainment and everything in between, tablets with Intel inside have the power, performance and sleek design to help make the most of your travels.

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  1. The new norm of devices is the tablets. Don’t keep your eyes off of the latest mobile wearable technology: glasses, watches, external units for watches, foot devices etc…

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