Stay Ultra Mobile This School Year with an Intel-Powered Tablet

It seems like the beginning of the school year keep creeping earlier and earlier into our summers. While heading back to the classroom can sometimes put kids in an end-of-summer slump, the chance to pick up new tech devices for the school year may help them to look forward to that day more.

The latest Intel-powered tablets are entertaining and stylish but can also empower your child to be a more engaged and successful student this year, no matter what level they are in school. Plus, the price tags will put you at ease. Tablets such as the Toshiba Excite Go are only $99, so purchasing one for your student won’t break the bank.Toshiba Excite Go (2)

Which tablet is right for your student? Their age, interests and activities are some factors to keep in mind when choosing from the many new options. Here are a few ideas of how your student might use a tablet that will help get you started on your search:

As a stylish accessory: Is your teenager always concerned with the hottest trends and best back to school looks? Intel-powered tablets come in a variety of sizes and even colors. The new ASUS MeMO Pad 8 comes in white, black, purple and gold and the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 is available in gray, white and pink. There are so many options that any high school student can find something right for them, even if they think they are too cool for school.SYMPXHJAjAOldiCk_setting_fff_1_90_end_500As a way to keep in touch and be productive: For high schoolers that are running from classes to sports practice to carpool, there is no time for “down time.” Fortunately, the latest tablets have incomparable battery life, so students can stay connected all day no matter where they are. For example, the ASUS Transformer Pad boasts amazing battery life, is compact, and comes with a lightweight optional keyboard dock  that allows them to be productive while on-the-go.


As a learning tool: Tablets for younger children are becoming more widely available, especially with the Kurio Tab coming to market soon. This tablet’s 60+ preloaded Android education apps will enable a more interactive and exciting learning experience for younger kids this year. The mobile learning format will keep them engaged in their educational experience all day long. Plus, the “kid-safe” web surfing feature and protective exterior bumper make this a safe bet for younger students.Kurio

As a homework resource: Intel-powered tablets running on Windows 8 provide all the comforts of a Microsoft Office suite so that students can get towork on homework and group projects anytime, anywhere. For middle to high school students who are beginning to buckle down and tackle serious homework assignments, tablets such as the Dell Venue 8 Pro will be a critical asset. They boast the full power of Windows 8.1 and Office Home & Student 2013 wherever you go, all backed by a the performance of an Intel® Atom™ processor.Dell Venue 8 (2)Empower your kids with the best tools for their learning and extra-curricular activities. Explore the latest devices powered by Intel and pick out the tablet made for them before it’s time to head back to school.