Sharks Cove Board is available for purchase now

Sharks Cove development board designed by Intel for tablets and mobile devices developers is available for purchase now. Please visit for ordering details.

Sharks Cove delivers a broad spectrum of hardware peripheral and software support for developing devices on either the Windows operating system with Connected Standby, or the Android operating system. As more and more innovative tablets and mobile devices based on the powerful Intel Atom processor Z3700 series (Bay Trail) come to market, there is a critical need to support and enable developers with readily available tools for hardware and driver development. A wealth of SOC interfaces are exposed, providing developers a flexible and up-to-date platform to develop a wide variety of hardware peripherals for the next generation of mobile devices. To make the platform a useful environment for developers, we are also releasing software tools that enable you to modify the configuration of devices at the BIOS level.

In defining the features and specifications of the Sharks Cove board, we worked closely with the ecosystem and developers, including Microsoft. Please visit to see the exciting work that Microsoft is doing with development platforms.  Intel also collaborated with CircuitCo (an Original Design Manufacturer) on the manufacturing and distribution of Sharks Cove. CircuitCo also produces other development boards using Intel technologies, including Minnowboard.


·         Intel ® Atom™ Z3735G Processor, 2M Cache, 4 Core, 1.33GHz up to 1.88GHz

·         1GB DDR3L memory

·         16GB eMMC storage

·         Display via HDMI connector

·         USB2.0

·         Connections for I2C, I2S, Camera, Display, and SDIO

·         Serial-to-USB interface for debug

·         Support for Windows, Android and Linux


Photo of Sharks Cove board (Shipping product may not be exactly as shown.)

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