Look Ma, No Wires

Evolving wireless technology may soon provide users a truly wire-free computing experience. With advances in wireless charging and data transfer capabilities, you’ll soon be able to remove all the clutter of wires for power, display connectors, and other device peripherals.

Look around your office. Now picture it without any cables or wired connections. Much better, right? From desktops to mobile devices, wireless has become a core foundation of all computing platforms.

Always On, Always Connected

We’re living in an age of ubiquitous wireless connectivity. With improvements to cellular technology, global navigation systems, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, we’re able to work smarter and communicate faster. The next logical step in the progression of wireless technology is to further untangle users and completely change the computing landscape.

How many minutes do you waste each day trying to find the right display adapter? You shouldn’t have to be an A/V tech to give a boardroom presentation. By developing smart wireless docks featuring USB 3.0 speeds and high-definition video capabilities, Intel is paving the way for proximity-based peripheral syncing that will make these kinds of inconveniences a thing of the past. For example, when you walk in the office with your laptop, it will automatically link with your wireless-enabled monitor or projector to deliver an HD streaming experience without the hassle of plugging into your HDMI or DisplayPort.

Charging, Unleashed!

Eliminating cords for peripherals and monitors is a great step toward a truly wireless experience, but Intel wants to take it a step further. We’re developing hardware that enables laptops and other devices to charge wirelessly through magnetic resonance. This new way of powering devices will free you from cumbersome charging bricks, and enable you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Less time spent hassling with display connectors and worrying about keeping your devices charged equals more time focusing on the things that truly matter. Unleashing true productivity through wireless freedom doesn’t just mean more efficient work — it means a better wireless experience and happier workers. By eliminating obstacles and stress barriers caused by inefficient wired technologies, we’re enabling you to work smarter and spend more time doing what you love.