WiGig Docking — The First Step to an “All-Wireless Everything”

Is your business prepared for the next wave of tech challenges brought on by the consumerization of IT? Consumer adoption rates for new technology have far outstripped the enterprise, which means your employees are already comfortable using new devices and networks. Consumer technologies that bolster wireless connectivity are becoming ubiquitous in the home – wireless speakers, printers, monitors, and the burgeoning Internet of Things have created a wire-averse consumer who sees cords as an impediment to their success and happiness. This new way of computing is inevitably creeping toward the office.

One recent study predicts that 212 billion devices will be connected by 2020, the majority of which will likely connect wirelessly. One way your company can take a proactive approach to these challenges is to upgrade business infrastructure, starting with your wireless network.

In a recent survey of 1,155 IT decision makers, IDG Enterprise noted that “nearly 70 percent report that they have seen an ROI of some sort from using consumer devices in the workplace.” By implementing cutting-edge 802.11ac wireless technologies, your business can capitalize on the opportunities that the next wave of BYOD is expected to produce. The speeds offered by this next generation of wireless networks enable data transfer rates that will allow your network to support a multitude of devices without sacrificing bandwidth. While there’s no silver bullet to “future proofing” your office, there are ways to make it “future-friendly.”

With the benefits of upgrading to a high-efficiency wireless network clearly visible, it becomes crucial for companies to create the kind of environment that fosters flexible device usage and empowers employees to increase productivity.

With the new multi-gigabit speed WiGig (802.11ad) wireless technology, harnessing this powerful wireless technology for your office is the first step toward enabling the business of the future. Seamless integration with existing monitors and backwards compatibility with older devices will make WiGig an ideal wireless solution. A WiGig docking station will allow users to wirelessly connect to hard drives, speakers, printers, dual HD monitors, and other peripherals.

Let’s face it, cables are unsightly and can tangle your bottom line. Fewer cables and seamless connectivity with peripherals equals boosted productivity. WiGig offers speeds up to 7 times faster than 802.11ac, and its instantaneous wireless docking coupled with a highly stable network creates an ideal wireless computing environment — and the opportunity for unencumbered collaboration.

In an age of opportunity, the advent of wireless technologies that push boundaries and advance computing offers tremendous value for your business from top to bottom. How will you push your business forward with future-friendly WiGig docking platforms?