Using Your Tablet to Become the Summer Grill Master

tablet bbq visual

Summer is in full swing and it might just have made you want to take on the role of this summer’s “grill master.” While the classic burger and hot dog on the lawn are always great options for your BBQ plans, you may want to spice things up this summer and liven up your BBQ party.

Learn some new BBQ skills, impress the crowds, and keep the celebrations going in your backyard all from your ultra-portable tablet.

Intel-powered tablets are thin, light and can easily be taken from place to place. Some recently released devices even come in a variety of festive colors, making your tablet another fun accessory at your backyard party. Take your tablet from the lounge chair to the BBQ counter and back to the kitchen when grilling your favorite meals this summer.

What to do with your tablet when manning the grill? The possibilities are endless…

Consider streaming a summer baseball game to keep the crowd entertained and to stay up on the latest score even when not in front of the TV. With hours of battery life, enhanced graphics and standout performance, Intel-powered tablets can provide the perfect game-watch experience for a couple of sports enthusiasts gathered around the BBQ.

In addition, task a party guest with taking photos and videos of the guests. With the most advanced front and rear facing cameras, Intel-powered tablets provide the perfect way to document your party. What’s more, with your Intel-powered tablet, you can edit and customize pictures and create collages faster than ever. Perhaps your guests will have put together a whole album by the end of the night. Say #selfie!

Alternatively, for inspiration on what to grill, download some of the latest Android apps on your Intel-powered tablet. Omaha Steaks Steak Time is a great all in one BBQ go-to that combines features including “Steak 101,” a collection of “how to” BBQ videos, exclusive recipes and a grilling timer for all your different types of steaks. On top of that, the app includes “conversation cards,” or conversation starters that will liven up your dinner discussions.

Finally, no BBQ is complete without some festive drinks! Download Cocktail Flow Tablet. Among the app’s many great features is Barstock, which tells you what drinks you can make with the ingredients that you have on hand. The extensive library of cocktail recipes can be searched by drink name or browsed by base drink, type, color and event.

Just like you, your tablet is unique. Share with us how you are using your tablet at your BBQ party and throughout the summer!

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