Modern Families Need Modern Wi-Fi

It’s a Thursday evening. You’re on the computer, catching up on tasks and work correspondence. Your spouse is on a tablet device, keeping in touch with family and friends over video chat. Your youngest child is on a smartphone, playing online games, and your oldest is on a laptop doing homework and downloading music, all while the entire family is streaming a movie in the background. Does this sound like your home?

If so, you’ve likely had more than a few frustrations with bandwidth and connectivity. Choppy connection when trying to video conference with loved ones? Perhaps the video you were enjoying paused to buffer during an important scene? Maybe your download took far too long for you to use on time? Or did you try to get online only to find that you were too far from the wireless router to connect?

The modern household requires modern Wi-Fi technology. For years, the old standard of Wi-Fi fell under the 802.11n category, good enough for the time, but not able to handle our rapidly growing needs of today and tomorrow. Recently, wireless standards were upgraded to 802.11ac, enabling speeds three times faster than the previous technology. As more and more devices connect to the Internet, using more and more data, the old standard has become burdensome to families looking to appreciate the benefits of new devices and services.

To achieve Internet speeds that make streaming high-definition video possible on multiple devices in the home, families need to adopt two pieces of technology. First, households will need a tablet, 2 in 1, or laptop made within the last year that has an 802.11ac adapter inside. Models older likely won’t be equipped with the 802.11ac standard. Be sure to look for Intel® Wireless-AC in new devices before a purchase to ensure you’re getting the quality for which Intel is known.

Second, homes will need a new 802.11ac wireless router. And don’t worry, both new devices and new wireless routers are backwards compatible, allowing older devices to connect to the Internet just like before.

Though purchasing new devices and a new wireless router requires an upfront investment, knowing that you and your family have the fastest, most reliable wireless coverage at home can prevent wasting their time or creating frustrating moments before they might arise. Prepare your home for the future of entertainment and connectivity by learning more about 802.11ac.

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