Intel’s Mobile Insights Radio Discusses Mobile Use on Airplanes

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Most of us are familiar with being told to ‘turn off and stow away all portable electronic devices’ for take-off and landing. Up until this point, the airplane cabin provides a rare break from mobiles devices.  But that’s changing now – for better or for worse. Recently, the FAA lifted their ban on electronic devices, meaning that flyers could – potentially – use their gadgets from gate to gate. Some people love this change, while others absolutely hate it. I had the opportunity to sit down with two experts on aviation and etiquette – airline pilot Patrick Smith, and etiquette expert and former flight attendant Jacqueline Whitmore. Like it or not, we are moving toward legalization of onboard cell phone use. Once the approval does go through it will be up to individual carriers to decide how they will use their devices. We discussed potential issues that could arise and tips for traveling while using mobile devices, and what to do when it seems others have left their manners at home. Click on over for a listen.