Love, Mobile Style: The Matchmaker in Your Pocket

It’s clear that mobile technology is changing the way we interact with one another, so it’s no surprise these changes extend to our love lives as well. So when I had the opportunity to interview Josh Fischer, a mobile dating guru from Are You Interested (, one of the leading providers of mobile dating apps, I knew the conversation would be interesting. Are You Interested, is one of the largest social dating apps, with more than 58 million singles looking to make a love connection.

Apps like Tinder and Grindr get a lot of buzz for promoting casual ‘hook-ups,’ but the impact of mobile dating runs deeper than that. Apps such as Are You Interested aren’t just about hooking up, or finding romance, but can also connect people looking for new friends in their area.

Josh and I explored the nuances of how these apps work, and agreed that mobile dating apps – unlike traditional online dating sites – get people out of their houses and into the world, allowing connections in real-time with like-minded people. Technology isn’t replacing the need for a partner; it is helping connect people to those who share mutual interests and chemistry. Advice for singles? Put yourself out there! There are a number of mobile dating apps that can help you connect with other singles around you. And remember, the same rules of safety apply to mobile dating – always be sure to meet for the first time in a public place. Check out’s blog, The Data of Dating, for more advice. Click on over for a listen for more from Steve and Josh.