How to Streamline Holiday Travel with Mobile with Intel Mobile Insights Radio

It’s no secret that FlightTrack—from the geniuses at Mobiata @mobiata—is my all-time favorite travel app. And, with the generally stressful “Holiday Travel Planning” season fast approaching, when I had the chance to interview Reed Martin, Director of Design and UX at Mobiata (owned by Expedia since 2010) I pounced. Reed and I cover quite a bit of ground in this talk, with special emphasis on how the world has changed since the days of the human travel agent, and modern attempts to put some of the human experience of tailoring trips back into the booking and travel management flow. Reed offers some pro tips, and we wave our magic wands at big T travel and imagine a different world indeed. Click on over for a listen.

Holiday Travel Made Easy with Mobile Apps 11/13 by Mobile Insights Radio | Technology Podcasts