Intel Celebrates Possibilities with New Windows


Lenovo Yoga 2

This time last year, there was an incredible amount of excitement and anticipation in the tech world for a new wave of devices, thanks to Intel’s 3rd gen Core Ultrabooks, new Intel® Atom™ tablets and Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system. The retail scene changed for Windows-based PCs. Touch, colors, and form factors – choice!

And that level of innovation and excitement continues. This past June, Intel introduced the 4th gen Intel Core processor family, marking the biggest improvement in battery life in our history. At our Intel Developer Forum in September, we unveiled the latest Intel Atom SoC that boasts twice the power and three times the graphics performance. And just last week, Microsoft released the Windows 8.1 operating system. This combination of long battery life, powerful processors and an innovative new Windows bring new devices like the Surface Pro 2, the Sony Vaio Tap 11, the Lenovo Yoga 11s, the Dell Venue 8 Pro and Dell Venue 11 Pro, and the ASUS Transformer Book T100 and Trio. Each allows people to choose a device that’s almost a custom fit to how they want and need technology in their lives.

How we interact with and experience PCs and tablets has really changed in the last 365 (ish) days as well. We can attribute this to a lot of new innovations, but two come to mind in particular: a touch-optimized Windows and 2 in 1 designs.

People love touch!  Studies show we feel a sense of freedom when using touch to interface with the PC versus a keyboard and mouse. After only about a year since it became available on the PC, more than half of all 4th gen Core-based mobile devices will have touch.

And thanks (in part) to touch on the PC, we have the new 2 in 1 device concept. Until now, people have been forced to choose. What do I want or need more? A tablet or a laptop? And, the choice is not all that easy. We really want both. We love the form factor, ease and mobility of the tablet for reading, surfing the web, and traveling. But, there are times that we want to type at length on a keyboard, have a full version of Windows, and the CPU performance to get work done.

These new Intel-based 2 in 1s with 4th gen Core or Intel Atom and Windows 8.1 will help make that decision much easier. We can buy one device, and have the tablet experience when we want it and the PC experience when we need it. There are 50 designs coming this year, and many are affordable, some as low as $349.

And, there are new, cool apps optimized for touch and “aware” of the fact that these devices have both tablet mode and full desktop mode.

Below are a couple of my favorite examples, would love for you to share yours.


A smooth and capable touch-friendly painting app for the advanced digital artist. Whether you’re in the pub, the coffee house or on a bench in the park, or at home on the couch making a quick sketch of your beloved, when inspiration grabs you, grab Krita and start sketching.

 The Krita Gemini application is 2 in 1 aware. When you move from clamshell/PC mode to tablet mode, it automatically switches to a more touch friendly interface.  Also, it’s optimized to use a stylus to let your artistic side out! 


Cyberlink has an app called PowerDirector, rated by PC Mag as the #1 video editing application.  It’s great for creating home videos with music, for students creating video projects for school, or for professionals to blog or edit clips for television.

In tablet mode, you easily trim the video to the good part just by pinching the start and end points with your fingers. Add a few photos, and some music, save the file and quickly share it on YouTube thanks to Intel’s Quick Sync Video technology. And when you have more time, you can do more serious edits on the same system – this time in desktop mode, like make the entire background black and white, but keep 1 object or person in color.