Intel and McAfee Want You to Hack Your Life

Have you ever used an old CD spindle to pack a bagel sandwich? How about a ketchup bottle to squirt pancake mix? A favorite of mine is threading necklaces through straws so they don’t tangle when I travel. 

These are called “life hacks,” and the tips are designed to help simplify every day, real-life tasks. This October, to celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), Intel and McAfee are sharing our favorite digital life hacks to help make your world a safer, more convenient place to interact. 

Every night when you lock your door, or use an envelope to send letters, you are protecting yourself. Why stop there? The world around us is growing more and more digital by the second, and National Cyber Security Awareness Month’s mission is to help keep your digital life protected. 

The digital life hack tips range from the simple: “Get a Password Manager,” to the advanced: “Using Your First VPN.” Other life hacks include tips on how to track your laptop if it’s stolen, not plugging your phone into a charger you don’t own and helping avoid credit fraud with a single-use credit card. 

In addition to these life hacks, you can visit to get access to exclusive NCSAM deals from companies like Dell, including the opportunity to win a Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook™ convertible, as well as free subscriptions to McAfee LiveSafe in the #hackyourlife sweepstakes. It’s never been easier to get on the fast track to simple security. What are some of the ways you hack your life?

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