Bikinis and Granny Pants

On the most recent episode of Mobile Insights Radio, I had two awesome, whip-smart, and accomplished guests: Denise Howell (@dhowell), host of “This Week in Law” and Michelle Dennedy (@mdennedy), VP and Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee. We talked about privacy in the digital age, which has recently experienced more twists and turns than a drunken game of Dominion.

Privacy (which I argue is a modern concept) is more than a moving target. It zigzags, it’s slippery, and people’s views on it change day-over-day. A “reasonable expectation of privacy” means something very different today than it did 200 years ago, and for some people who are just tuning it, it’s changed in just the past few weeks. What’s the relationship between security and privacy? Does a surveillance state make you (feel) more or less secure?

We cover the value (social and monetary) of data (lots and lots of data) vs. the risk of waaaayyyyyy too much data (including metadata) in the wrong hands. And what about the relationship between encryption and privacy? Hint: does a bikini reveal or conceal? Is COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) more like granny pants than a bathing suit – necessary and more complete, but not terribly appealing to many people? How does identity factor into the equation? If you had a one wish Magic Privacy Wand, what would you point it at?

We tackle these and many other meaty questions in this far ranging, at times hilarious, eye opening show that you won’t want to miss. I can’t pick favorites, but this was one hell of a show.