Wearables, Sensors, User Experience & The Future of Mobile: Insights from MobileBeat 2013

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend MobileBeat 2013 in San Francisco, a conference hosted by VentureBeat focusing on the future of mobile. This year, focus of the conference was on the fully integrated Mobile Experience and one of the hot topics was the evolving concept of  “wearables” – an emerging category of mobile device that integrates voice commands, bio- and environmental feedback, and data collection to contribute to the ever expanding mobile and social ecosystem.

During the show, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel session exploring the ways that sensors can be used to create better, more natural user experiences. I was joined by entrepreneurs Jef Holove, CEO of Basis Point, and Dave Mathews, CEO and Founder of NewAer, and panel moderator Mikael Berner, chief executive of EasilyDo. A summary of the panel can be found in this article by VentureBeat author Devindra Hardwar.

The future of mobile is truly exciting. As form factors of mobile devices continue to evolve, and functionality improves to provide more context to the data surrounding us, we will be able to understand our bodies, relationships, communities and environments like never before. While some benefits are clear – such as access to comprehensive health data – many of the opportunities afforded by the developments in this arena are yet to be realized.

After our discussion, my fellow panelists and I were interviewed by the Intel Mobile Insights team onsite. You can view our videos, and many others, on the Intel Mobile Insights page or below.

Mobile Insights: Sensors and Big Data – Jef Holove, Basis Point

Mobile devices can now collect a wealth of information about our habits, lifestyle and even health. Using the data collected from these devices, we as consumers are able to make inferences about, and changes to, our behavior, and understand our own actions at a level previously not possible.

Mobile Insights: The Future of Mobile Technology – Dave Mathews, NewAer

The future of mobile is automation: the smartphone and other mobile devices will adapt to an environment and respond accordingly. How we interact with our devices may change as well. Instead of constantly checking screens and handsets, future devices will act literally as “smart” devices – interpreting what information is important and notifying consumers of key information with a buzz, beep or vibration, without ever leaving a pocket or purse.

Mobile Insights: The Evolution of the Mobile User Experience – Tony Salvador, Intel

Computing has become significantly more mobile over the last decade, changing the way in which people interact and engage with each other. With this change in computing habits comes a far more networked and connected experience – often resulting in a richer variety of relationships with new technologies being introduced.