“Password Day” on May 7th

It’s likely that you’re a safe person. You wear a seatbelt, brush your teeth, don’t take candy from strangers. But when it comes to technology, we have a tendency to leave ourselves open to attack. The password may be our most important, and overlooked level of security. It many ways, it’s our lifeline—a key that grants access to our phones, computers, e-mail, social networks, and bank accounts. 

But earlier this year, global consultancy Deloitte issued an alarming report. Their research estimates that more than 90% of user generated passwords would be vulnerable to hacking. While the most common passwords like “password” and “1234” are obviously insecure, researches were surprised to find that even those normally considered acceptable by most I.T. departments—those with eight characters, numbers, and a mix of upper-case and lower-case characters—could be cracked in a matter of days, even hours.

With password day, Intel wants to remind you to switch to more secure passwords. You can find simple tips and guides, and even a password strength tester, to help you take a small step towards digital strength. We are even offering an incentive to do so – over the three weeks following password day Intel is giving away three touch-enabled Ultrabook convertibles, along with dozens of copies of McAfee All Access 2013 to those who pledge to change their passwords. Because we all have multiple passwords, you can enter again each day. 

You can see the tips, and take the pledge to change your password here<intel.com/mobile-security>

Let’s protect out passwords. Keep what’s yours, yours. 

If you change your password, or have any security tips, tweet @Intel with #changedmypassword