Mobile Insights Radio on Water Management

In celebration of California’s Water Awareness Month, the latest episode of Mobile Insights Radio highlights the importance of bringing safe and clean drinking water to people in developing nations, using mobile technology.

According to the ONE campaign, every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease and 3.5 million total people die each year. According to non-profit organization charity: water, one in nine people worldwide suffer year-round from lack of clean drinking water, while in Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours each year walking to access water.

Mobile Insights Radio host Peter Biddle talked to Paull Young of charity: water to discuss how the organization is making water more accessible through digital fundraising. charity:water has been considered by some as the tech industry’s favorite nonprofit due to its innovative advancements and ability to use various technologies to meet the customized needs of each geographic region it serves. The charity is piloting various initiatives, such as a mobile mechanics project in Ethiopia where locals visit a nearby charity:water project site to retrieve and share data using cell phones provided by the nonprofit; the locals assisting will text message status updates on respective sites, such as “water is flowing” or “water is not flowing”.

Tune in to hear Paull discuss his experience using social channels to build awareness and education, as well as about having a social voice, being informative, creating movements, and empowering local communities to own and manage projects. Listeners will learn about how charity:water has established new models for fundraising, the technological advancements and pilot projects in play, and how each individual across the globe can help make water more accessible.