Hot Topics from Thought Leaders at Mobile World Congress 2013

With Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona this past week, we were reminded that mobile technology has infiltrated nearly every part of human life across the world, – and that we are at the early stages of innovations in many areas. While at the conference, the Intel Mobile Insights team had the opportunity to interview more than 20 experts across a variety of industries. As a result, a handful of themes emerged as hot trending topics of conversation around Mobility, including how mobile adoption will evolve in emerging markets, the role of mobility in healthcare and security, mobile software development specifically in Africa and finally the closing of the generation gap with mobile technology usage becoming ubiquitous across all ages.  Below are interviews with thought leaders at the show on these topics.

Emerging Markets

Mobile adoption among emerging markets is poised to grow significantly in the coming years, which will connect new populations of people with mobile technologies for the first time. For many in emerging markets, a smartphone will serve as their first computer. Thus, the smartphone or tablet will likely be one device for a multitude of uses, including access to commerce or healthcare, banking, or unprecedented contact with distant family members.


Mobile health is growing at a rapid pace with the development of new apps, tools, and innovations that enable everything from accessing health metrics on the go to remote doctor visits. How are these new innovations saving lives and what are the implications for developing nations? Learn what thought leaders like including Pamela Goldberg, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, Kirsten Gagnaire of MAMA, and Arjen Swank of Text to Change, had to say about the evolution of mobile technology and healthcare.


As mobile technology evolves, so do the risks and loopholes to our privacy and identity. With an expected 50 billion connected devices expected by 2020, managing an increasing range of tasks – from banking to personal photos to family memories and more – companies are developing a broad range of new technologies to keep mobile information safe. We spoke with Christopher Sellers of Mobeam, Fran Rosch of Symantec, Sam Guilaumé of Movea, Charles Walton of SecureKey, and Raj Samani of McAfee to discuss the future of mobile security, and what new technologies we can expect to help keep our data safe for both consumers and businesses.

Software Development in Africa

The Mobile Insights team learned from Erik Hersman, Managing Director and Co-Founder of iHub, and Renée James, EVP and GM of Intel Software and Services Group, that Africa has and always will be a mobile first continent.  To support the growth of mobile technology in the continent, Intel is working with iHub to foster growth of the software development community in Africa with targeted investments in mobile application development, university training and expansion of technology hubs. Check out what this means for mobile technology development in Africa.

Technology for All Ages

Simplifying the user experience is a key area of innovation and focus for mobile devices. By making devices that are easy-to-use, technology becomes ubiquitous to consumers of every generation – from the one year old using a tablet to watch cartoons to the grandmother using her smartphone to capture pictures of her grandkids. Learn more about what our thought leaders have to say about the prevalence of mobile technologies across all age groups.

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