Using Voice, Gestures and Facial Recognition to Control our Phones

Touch has totally changed how we use our smart phones and tablets, making it much more intuitive for users and proven to be an innovation paradigm shift for new devices and applications.   The Mobile Insights team caught up with a number of industry leaders to discuss what are the next big trends after touch – we will be using our voice, gestures and facial recognition to control and interact with our devices soon.

Our team sat down with Renee James, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s Software and Services Group, Shiyou He, executive vice president of ZTE, Hermann Eul, co-vice president and general manager of Intel’s Mobile and Communications Group, and Dean Elwood, founder and CEO of Voxygen.

After touch, it will not be long before we’ll commonly use facial recognition and gestures with our mobile devices.   Voice recognition will also become more common, allowing us new usages such as search through voice conversations the same way one would search through email today.

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