Big Data Buzz – Intel Jumps into HADOOP

Today Intel launched its distribution of Apache Hadoop!

If you are getting started with big data, Apache Hadoop is a framework that allows for distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers.

I am certain that many people are wondering why a semiconductor company is now providing a Hadoop distribution. There are a lot of answers to that question so let’s start at the top.

  • Intel truly believes increased data from new sources at every scale has the potential to transform society – Lowering the costs of hardware platforms and technologies can enable this – At Intel we think of this as the “democratization of big data analysis.”
  • Intel aims to enable the Apache Hadoop platform for the widest range of uses, enabling the ecosystem to build the next generation analytics solutions
  • The Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software is a 100% open source software product that delivers Hardware enhanced performance and security (via features like Intel® AES-NI™ and SSE to accelerate encryption, decryption, and compression operation by up to 14 times).
  • The Intel Distribution is the only open source platform backed by a Fortune 100 company that is designed to enable ongoing innovation by the ecosystem of big data analytics ISVs and open source developers who value a reliable, secure, high performance distribution.
  • With this distribution Intel is contributing to a number of open source projects relevant to big data such as enabling Hadoop and HDFS to fully utilize the advanced features of the Xeon™ processor, Intel SSD, and Intel 10GbE networking.
  • Intel is contributing enhancements to enable granular access control and demand driven replication in Apache HBase to enhance security and scalability, optimizations to Apache Hive to enable federated queries and reduce latency. These and other open source contributions are available to the Hadoop ecosystem and all vendors.
  • Intel is launching the Intel Manager for Apache Hadoop as a licensed software product that simplifies management and configurability.

The bottom line – Intel has always had a strong commitment to open source as shown by our contributions to the Linux kernel and Open Stack. Intel wants to see the Hadoop framework easily and widely adopted, as it believes the broad use of analytics, delivered at lower price points, can transform business and society, by turning big data into better insights.

Yes, there are other distributions of Hadoop available. Intel believes that as a leader in processor and hardware platforms, and with a broad ecosystem of partners from systems and software vendors to service providers, we can accelerate the adoption of Hadoop, and spur continued innovation on the framework, while providing great products that utilize all the technology Intel provides. We want to ensure continued broad access to a reliable open platform for next generation analytics. You can see evidence of this in the partners present at the IDH launch. SAP, SAS and Red Hat have announced partnerships along with others, and OEMs such as Cisco.

Didn’t think of Intel as a software company? Well now’s the time to learn how Intel invests in software!

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