Mobile: Still Hot at CES 2013 and Beyond:

Hundreds of thousands of the world’s techiest fans will pack their bags for Las Vegas this week in prep for the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show that kicks off January 7th. As usual, there is a ton of anticipation leading up to the event that starts every year off with a glimpse into what technology will surprise and delight us all in the coming year, from phones to PCs to cars to appliances. We are all eagerly waiting to hear what the industry pundits are betting on to be the big hits of the year. So, with an estimated 20,000 new product introductions this year, what’s going to be hot in 2013?

There’s no question, in computing at least, mobile is still THE big mega trend that continues into 2013. As the case of the last year and surely continuing into the new year, we’ll see a ton of new mobile gadgets from phones to mobile desktops. Convertible is the hot new must-have design with tablets that have PC options and Ultrabooks that turn into tablets.

But, mobile is not purely defined as gadgets without wires. Rather, they are devices that truly take on characteristics people now demand, rooted in mobility like touch, instant-on in thin and light designs. And, they are smart – more and more applications and services that help devices work together and make daily tasks simpler (my personal favorite, my GPS and maps that knows where I am and what direction I’m facing!)

And speaking of touch, although it is becoming hugely popular and is certainly the next big thing in terms of how we interact with our devices, it’s just the beginning. Given our life experiences are defined by our senses — by what we see, hear and touch, Intel envisions these human senses to also be at the foundation of the computing experience moving forward. Intel is driving these capabilities across platforms starting now and well into the future, including speech recognition, and intuitive and immersive short-range gesture recognition. So we can imagine using smartphones to interact with and control an Ultrabook or desktop PC, or even track a person’s heart rate through technology that “sees” and analyzes the movement of a person’s cheeks.

Here’s a visual for what trends Intel predicts will be hot for mobile at CES and continuing into 2013:

Big Bets for CES 2013

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  1. I will participate CES and I want to learn your product in closed exhibition.
    Our interest is mainly on Hotspot 2.0 or other technology regarding
    Traffic offloading using WiFi.

    I will be pleased if you introduce me to the contact person in charge of CES.

    And I wish you a happy holiday season.

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