Searching for Genghis Khan’s Tomb with Mobile Technology


Dr. Albert Lin, National Geographic Channel Explorer, has made significant progress on his quest to discover one of the world’s most perplexing mysteries – the location of the tomb of Genghis Khan.  Dr. Lin’s new discoveries were documented in the cover story of the latest issue of Newsweek

As part of the ongoing 60 Second Insights program, we sat down with Dr. Lin earlier this year before his most recent discovery to discuss how he has used a variety of high-tech tools – from cloud computing to crowd sourced exploration to mobile drones – to locate one of the world’s ancient mysteries.

During our conversation with Dr. Lin, he discussed how connectivity and mobile technologies have provided access to new information, ideas and opportunities that were never before possible.  One of these opportunities is to apply new technologies to the science of exploration.

Dr. Lin has asked people around the world to help his team scan satellite images from Mongolia to help locate the smallest of clues that may act as archeological bread-crumbs leading to the tomb of Genghis Khan. By using cloud computing and other technologies combined with crowd sourced exploration, Dr. Lin is tapping into an army of so-called ‘Citizen Explorers’ who help create the Human Computation Network.

According to the Newsweek story, the team believes they are getting very close to finding Khan’s burial spot based on the recent discovery of what appears to be the foundation of a large structure that could be the tomb.    We can’t wait to learn more of Dr. Lin’s discovery and how he uses technology in the process!

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  1. This is fascinating. Not only is this guy crowd sourcing with these so called ‘citizen explorers’, he is probably doing it without paying them a penny! It’s only a matter of time until these same methods help us track down Big Foot (:))

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