Mobility and Sharing: The Perfect Blend of Technology and Human Nature

Sharing is intrinsic to human nature – by sharing with others we can strengthen our social ties, learn from others and collaborate to achieve much more than we might have on our own. But are we entering into a new era where sharing takes on a whole new meaning for our personal and business relationships?

It wasn’t long ago that, when we wanted to share something – even music – we had to create a physical item (if you are +35 years old, you probably remember making ‘mix-tapes’ for your friends).  But today, much of what we work with is digitized and our ability to share things quickly and across tens or hundreds or thousands of people is easily done through the click of a button.  In this 60 Second Insights video, Adam Pisoni, co-founder and CTO of Yammer, discusses the nature of sharing and how the mobile device is the most natural way for us to share in the moment.

In addition to our ability to use mobile devices to easily capture and share more data than ever, social networks have proliferated at the same time – creating an important avenue for people to share personal experiences, professional knowledge, photos, videos and much more. With the continued growth of mobile technologies like cell phones, tablets and other mobile computing devices, sharing can take place anytime, anywhere.

According to a recent Nielsen and NM Incite’s 2012 Social Media Report, consumers are spending 30 percent of their total online time on their mobile devices accessing social media sites. The report also found that the time being spent using social media on mobile apps and the mobile web increased 63 percent in 2012. 



In addition to Adam’s video, Bryan Srabian, Director of Social Media for the San Francisco Giants also shares how mobile devices are making baseball games more interactive for fans, and our own Tony Salvador provides some insight around this major shift to our culture.

How has mobile technology helped you share at work or with friends and families?