Touch and New Ultrabook Designs for the Holiday Season

This holiday season will not be short on choice for those out shopping for new technology. We are seeing a confluence of both new computing designs and software experiences, thanks to the Ultrabook revolution, along with today’s introduction of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8. This year, when you’re shopping for a computer you’ll have more choice in feature, size and even shape than at any time since the PC was invented.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, a multi-mode Ultrabook convertible.

Manufacturers around the world are designing a range of  new devices for people  that are more stylish, significantly  thinner and lighter, last longer in between charges, turn instantly on and come with built in security features to protect users. There are more than 70 in market for holiday season around the world.

So, what’s specifically new this holiday for Ultrabook?

The Full Windows 8 Experience: Intel-based platforms together with Windows 8 together just work. What does that mean? Our Ultrabooks and tablets deliver a full range of new, amazing experiences with all your existing apps and devices because Intel Architecture uniquely runs the full version Windows 8. 

People will have access to the new user interface, start screen, live tiles and apps in the Windows store. And —  because it’s running on Intel — you can still use the applications you already own in the familiar desktop, like your favorite Microsoft office and applications for music, photos and work — not to mention peripherals like printers and scanners. It’s the best of both worlds.

The razor-thin Acer S7 Ultrabook, featuring an all-aluminum unibody design.

Touch: Some of the latest Ultrabooks now have touchscreens, and when combined with a touch-friendly redesign of Windows, users have more options at their fingertips. Our research shows people will find it faster, easier, intuitive, and fun. Touch transforms the computing experience from work to play.

In addition to the new touch-friendly user interface from Microsoft, touch capabilities are made possible thanks to the work of Intel and the device manufacturers to optimize their new line-up for a fast, fluid touch experience. 

2-in-1 devices that convert from PC to Tablet: Thanks to touch capabilities, device makers like ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba have gotten very creative in their designs. Why not have a full computing experience when you need to be productive and creative, and convert to a tablet when you want to watch a movie or play with a mobile app? Each company have found unique ways to do this differently. There are now computers that transform from clamshell to tablet mode via swivels, flips, ferris wheel-like turns, slides and more. Hard to imagine? Check out the pictures below to see a few of the devices in action.

The Dell XPS 12 Convertible Touch Ultrabook with a fluid flip-and-fold motion to transofrm from PC to tablet.

And no matter which style or design people decide are their favorites, the Ultrabook promise delivers:

Featuring an all-aluminum unibody design, the razor-thin Acer S7 Ultrabooks are exceptionally thin and light, yet resilient and durable. Depending on model, they are as thin as .47 inches and weigh as little as 2.29 pounds.

Thinner and Lighter:

When the Ultrabook first launched a year ago, it was common for these devices to measure 16 mm thick and weigh in at an average of three pounds. The newest crop of Ultrabooks has shrunk down to as slim as half an inch and as light as 875 grams.


Better Battery Life: Thanks to the combination of  3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors and Windows 8 power management features, the latest Ultrabook devices provide users with both stellar performance and great battery life – many systems lasting 8+ hours. With features like App Suspension, minimized applications will be suspended, preserving the device’s most recent charge.

Instant On: When living life on-the-go, it’s essential to have a device that is ready at a moment’s notice. The latest Ultrabooks are equipped with technology, like Intel® Rapid Start Technology, that enables your computer to wake from hibernation in less than seven seconds.

Which new Ultrabook is on your holiday list?

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  1. Hi Intel, i’m very interested in this “touch screen”, it’s so convenient to operate Web or other applications. but till now there is only iPad or smart phone support this but they can’t provide all functions what a PC coul provided such as working in a company. when could a real computer support this? my imagine is that Notebook PC has no mouse and keyboard. only one key for start. all the rest operations are done by touch on the screen. we can work with this PC. BR.Jeff

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