The Future Will Come Alive at IDF San Francisco

After taking Beijing and Sao Paulo by storm, Intel Developer Forum 2012 finally arrives in San Francisco on September 11-13! Of all the impressive technology events that happen around the world, IDF gives us the chance to take center stage to highlight the many ways Intel – in close collaboration with the broad computing ecosystem — is working to make people’s computing experiences better. 

At this year’s IDF San Francisco, Intel will be talking about new advancements that we think will surprise and delight people today and in the near future. First, we are excited to announce that there are approximately 40 touch-enabled Ultrabook systems in the pipeline. These devices maintain what we have come to expect from Ultrabooks – they are ultra sleek, ultra responsive and more secure – but now transform the computing experience by giving people a new way to interact with their technology via touch, which will be best enjoyed with the upcoming launch of Windows 8. 

Convertible devices take touch to another level and offer the best of two worlds, providing a whole different approach to using an Ultrabook…or is it a tablet? Partners including Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba are all coming out with convertible systems this year, giving people more choice by transforming their systems into powerful touch tablet to touch Ultrabook in a clamshell form factor to traditional Ultrabook. 

We are also announcing a new line of low-power Intel® Core™ processors. This technology will significantly drive down power for our flagship product line, starting with our 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors due out next year. In his September 11 keynote, Intel EVP and Chief Product Officer David Perlmutter will talk more about this news and how Intel is able to achieve these new efficiency levels. 

Another exciting focus at IDF will be the big focus on giving computing devices human senses or the ability to naturally perceive intentions. Voice recognition and touch are just the beginning and in the future things like gestures, facial recognition, voice processing, cameras and sensors (among other things) will control your screen in more interactive, personalized fashion. Intel is taking specific actions to help enable hardware and software developers to drive perceptual computing into Intel platforms starting this year. Be sure to attend Perlmutter’s keynote for more information. 

On Wednesday, September 12, senior vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group Renée James, will outline her vision for transparent computing – a world where computing devices and operating system environments no longer pose barriers to delivering truly robust user experiences. 

On Thursday September 13, Intel chief technology officer, Justin Rattner will cover the future of wireless computing during his keynote.  Specially, be prepared to see and learn more about the efforts to realize the ‘radio free Intel’ vision and the creation new technologies to get us there. 

There is still time to join us at IDF to learn about all of this news as well as see new technologies in action and learn from the experts. To attend IDF, visit the registration site and review the agenda to make sure you catch all of the sessions. You can also follow news from IDF at the Intel Newsroom.

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