Do You Practice Good Mobile Manners?

Three executives from different backgrounds share their 60 Second Insights perspectives on how mobile technology continues to change the way that we interact with each other and how it affects our relationships. Etiquette and digital experts Charles Purdy, author of Urban Etiquette, Julia Allison, journalist and star of the Bravo show Miss Advised and Brent Weinstein, Head of Digital at United Talent Agency all share how the development of new mobile technology brings about changes and impacts our lives from our career to our relationships with family and friends.

 Julia Allison - 60 Second Insights

In fact, according to a recent Mobile Etiquette survey commissioned by Intel and conducted by Ipsos, found that over eighty percent of adults responding wish people practiced better etiquette when using mobile devices in public.   

These executives observe that mobile etiquette mishaps are everywhere — whether it is sending emails late at night and creating a false sense of urgency, sharing too much information about others on social networks or simply speaking too loudly on a smartphone in the coffee shop. As technology continues to evolve, consumers are changing how they use their mobile devices in public, which in turn changes the ways that people stay connected to their friends and family.


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