Mobile Technology Empowers Education

As the school year begins, mobile technology’s impact on education is evident.  In a recent study, conducted by Pearson Foundation, the majority of students say that technology makes learning more fun, it helps them study more efficiently and they prefer it over traditional textbooks.  Experts say mobile technology cultivates greater engagement in today’s classrooms, enables easier contextual learning outside of the classroom, and gives many students the opportunity to develop and practice important technology skills. 

Education experts and industry leaders agree that technology continues to have a significant impact on education.  Intel’s latest  60 Second Insights  videos feature Mike Bridge from PASCO Scientific, Din Hieman of BrainPOP, Jim Bowler from Adaptive Curriculum, and George Yaghmour of LEGO Education focusing on the learning benefits of mobile technology in the classroom, and how education technology like mobile apps and e-textbooks are making positive changes in education a reality.  “Technology and new devices have provided a whole new way of teaching,” Jim Bowler stated.  For example, “Science today uses modern technology, computers and sensors — everything is a technology based approach.  Learning can now be — not just anywhere — but everywhere and all the time,” observes Mike Bridge. 

In a recent 60 Second Insights interview, Patrik Regardh of Ericsson, talks about how mobile technology is impacting education from an industry point-of-view.  “Information and technology have brought us to the point where we can see that the core concept of what it means to be well-educated has changed.  It is shifting from educating to learning, making it much more of a personal experience. We can see different facets of learning, which is more tailored or geared toward the way which your brain works.”

60 Second Insights looks at how advances in mobile technology and consumer mobile device usage affect a wide variety of industries, including art, business, culture, social networking, exploration, design, photography, film, music, and more. Viewers get a glimpse of how thought leaders from various industries and backgrounds leverage mobile technology to innovate and ultimately impact consumers’ lives and the ways in which they use technology. To date, the 60 Second Insights videos have focused on everything from how mobility impacts society and spurs innovation to the security and privacy risks associated mobile device use.

 Mike Bridge, PASCO Scientific

Din Heiman, COO & GM, BrainPOP

Jim Bowler, CEO, Adaptive Curriculum

George Yaghmour, LEGO Education