Maintaining Security in the Age of Oversharing – Executive Perspectives

Security and privacy are very, very important issues.” This statement from one of the latest 60 Second Insights videos is one that echoes throughout the most recent set focused on security. As more personal information is shared online and more business transactions are made using technology, companies and consumers alike need to take security of their information and data into consideration. Companies are looking to not only include security design elements into every aspect of their technology, but they also are looking to educate consumers about the risks associated with online information. In fact, according to a recent survey, 70% of people are more concerned about privacy than they were five years ago, and 68% feel they have lost control over how their information is shared and used by businesses. 

To date, 60 Second Insights have focused on everything from how mobility impacts society and spurs innovation to what people are looking for in their devices and the future of mobile devices from a design and functionality perspective. This newest set of executive perspectives focuses on how companies are taking security and privacy into consideration, what consumers should think about when using their devices from a security perspective and the future of regulating data to ensure that it is protected. 

60 Second Insights looks at how advances in mobile technology and consumer mobile device usage models affect a wide variety of industries, including art, business, culture, social networking, exploration, design, photography, film, music and more. Viewers get a glimpse of how thought leaders from a variety of industries and backgrounds leverage mobile technology to innovate and ultimately impact consumers’ lives and the ways in which they use technology. 

The newest executive perspectives feature Chris Gilbert from Ubiquisys, Gary Davis of McAfee, James Anderson of Mastercard and Prith Banerjee of HP Labs. Stay tuned for more executive perspectives in the coming weeks.

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