Evolution of Mobile Devices — 60 Second Insights for Executives across a Variety of Industries

If you were to compare the laptops and phones people used five years ago to those on the market today, it’s fascinating how far mobile devices have come. Functionality and portability are more important and advanced than ever before, but perhaps what is more intriguing is how far they will continue to evolve.

60 Second Insights looks at how advances in mobile technology and consumer mobile device usage models affect a wide variety of industries, including art, business, culture, social networking, exploration, design, photography, film, music and more. Viewers get a quick glimpse of how thought leaders from a variety of industries and backgrounds leverage mobile technology to innovate and ultimately impact consumers’ lives and the ways in which they use technology.

Check out the videos that showcase executive opinions on mobility devices: what people are looking for in their device, the future of mobile devices and how the overall category of devices is shifting and changing.

The videos feature Tony Salvador from Intel, Prith Banerjee of HP, Jim Kovach of CrowdOptic and Lucas Buick from Hipstamatic. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

4 Responses to Evolution of Mobile Devices — 60 Second Insights for Executives across a Variety of Industries

  1. Ravi Kumar says:

    We need a mobile device that can cater to each individual needs. Just like we order sandwich, we need to have something that we can customize and build.

  2. Roman says:

    everything goes compact. The result is an exceptional gadget with modern technology specially designed and very compact represents modern improvement at its best.

  3. Alex Grecu says:

    yes, very interesting.the future technology belongs to those companies which understand what means mobility and how to make people to use it at the highest point. I know in the next 5 years the mobile technology with grow so much and we will forget about laptops, desktop computer and most probably, read real books. Good technology makes life easier.