60 Second Insights Taps Thought Leaders for Mobility Conversations

Many of us lived part of our lives before having mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.  Yet few of us could imagine our lives without these devices.  There’s a watershed of how we lived our lives before mobility and after mobility. 

But accordingly to some bright minds that we talked to in the past couple of weeks, we are only now embarking upon the start of an amazing journey.

Intel is launching a new video series titled 60 Second Insights  that brings together thought leaders from all walks of life to discuss how the next generation of mobile devices will impact themselves, their peers and their industry in, you guessed it, sixty seconds.

60 Second Insights looks at how advances in mobile technology and consumer mobile device usage models affect a wide variety of industries, including art, business, culture, social networking, exploration, design, photography, film, music and more. Viewers will be treated to an inside look at how thought leaders from a variety of industries and backgrounds leverage mobile technology to innovate and ultimately impact consumers’ lives and the ways in which they use technology.

Our first series of videos focuses on how mobility impacts society and spurs innovation and features Tim Westergren, Pandora; Dr. Albert Lin, National Geographic Channel explorer and Anya Ayoung-Chee, fashion designer and winner of the Project Runway, among others.  

Here are some of the videos:

Future 60 Second Insights program topics will focus on the role of mobility in society, culture and business; why humans crave mobility; does technology enable more freedom; how does technology change our values; and business now and then. To help guide the conversation, we also are looking to you for input on upcoming conversations you are also most interested in having on the 60 Second Insights website.

Videos will be available via a specific 60 Second Insights playlist on the Intel Newsroom. Each week, we’ll have new videos added to the 60 Second Insights playlist with a new topic, so if you have any suggestions for topics or featured thought leaders, please sound off below.  We look forward to seeing you on 60 Second Insights!

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