Intel brings new experiences to life via Cloud Computing

I’m a Gen Xer. My generation is the first to have grown up experiencing personal computer technology and the last generation to be in awe at what we do on the internet today. Whether it’s entering letters into a search engine and receiving thousands of relevant results in a fraction of a second, taking an audio sample of a song and getting the lyrics in real-time or receiving personalized recommendations based on previous online purchases, we take these experiences for granted today. But 15 years ago, this would have seemed like science fiction.

Cloud computing makes these experiences possible. Cloud computing is powered by large data centers and delivers services and content to a consumer device seamlessly and quickly. To understand why the demand for servers, networking and storage to support cloud computing is insatiable, just look at some of the numbers. Today 20% of the 7 billion people on the planet, about 1.5B people, are connected to the internet creating, consuming and collaborating with each other. 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute – that’s equivalent to 160,000 feature films uploaded every week. Today, up to 200M tweets a day occur on Twitter, and 7.5B photos are uploaded each month. By 2015, another billion people will be connected, the number of devices will increase to 15 billion, the amount of internet traffic supporting content will increase 10X, and the services industry for cloud computing will reach $176B.

I’m proud of the role Intel is playing as an enabler for cloud computing technology. We have delivered successive generations of technology that increase performance and improve security while managing power consumption. Intel is honored to have won the business powering leading search engines, social media sites, e-commerce, gaming and other cloud services. As a result, 9 out of every 10 cloud servers today run on Intel technology and for every 600 smartphones or 122 tablets that are brought online, we estimate another server is added. Intel is also working to accelerate the industry growth and enable more companies to deliver great cloud computing experiences. We helped establish the Open Data Center Alliance, an organization of over 300 global IT leaders who are defining requirements and usages for cloud computing based on standards and interoperability in the cloud. Their goal is to accelerate $50B of cloud services and save $25B in total annual IT spend within 5 years. To make it easier for companies to deploy cloud computing infrastructure, Intel developed a program called the Intel Cloud Builder’s program where there are currently over 50 real deployable solutions documented as reference architectures from the industry’s leading solution providers.

And we’re just getting started. It’s what gets my team and me excited everyday as captured in this short 60 second video that recently aired on Discovery Channel’s Curiosity show.

We are right now developing the technologies that will enable a new generation of experiences that we will one day take for granted but once never thought possible. Search will evolve from text to full video search with the ability to identify faces and support voice recognition. Your shopping experiences will be more immersive and customized to your location and preferences. You’ll have richer media and interactive social media experiences. Intel’s goal is to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth, and we are creating the underlying technology to make this happen – bringing new ways to explore, share and connect with each other – as securely, privately and efficiently as possible. We’re making the cloud work for you. Visit Intel’s Cloud Computing Solutions page to learn more.