The Internet Meets the Set-Top Box

The television experience is continuing to evolve before our eyes. Our options are no longer limited to basic versus premium channels, or even live versus recorded content. With the introduction of smart TV, the television experience has completely changed from what it was even just a few years ago.

Today television viewers have a range of choices when it comes to their smart TV options. Intel is helping deliver these new consumer experiences through an array of consumer electronic devices throughout the home.

There is a wide range of Internet-capable, interactive devices that help bring an expanded breadth of content to consumers. Whether it’s Sony’s Internet TV or a Logitech Revue, both powered by Google TV software, or a companion box like the Boxee Box by D-link, Freebox Revolution by Free Telecom or Cubovision by Telecom Italia, viewers can choose the device that best fits their needs.

The latest option for consumers, currently in market trials in Augusta, Georgia, is Comcast’s Xfinity TV offering.

Comcast Xfinity HD subscribers in Augusta have started using a new set-top box, developed by Pace and powered by the Intel® CE media processor. By integrating Intel’s CE media processor, viewers enjoy can expanded features and access to rich content such as movies and music, apps, “made-for-TV” websites, social networking and more intuitive Internet-enabled search to discover and access an array of information and entertainment.

Devices such as the Comcast set-top box also provide a more personalized, customized viewing experience. Whether it is recommendations on new shows to record, or localized weather forecasts, there’s always something there to keep the viewer engaged and coming back for more.

Intel is already seeing great success abroad in the Smart TV market through products such as the Freebox Revolution in France and Cubovision from Telecom Italia. This newest offering from Comcast showcases a growing demand for Smart TV devices within the U.S.

Smart TV products require hefty processing power in order to seamlessly switch between tasks and avoid disruption to the easy-to-use TV experience we’ve all become accustomed to. As the demand for more interactive, feature rich and connected viewing grows, Intel believes its CE media processors are poised to deliver the optimal experience. To view Comcast’s newest Intel-powered smart TV offering, check out the demo from the 2011 Cable Show.

Ton Steenman

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Ton Steenman is vice president of the Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Group and general manager of the Internet of Things Strategy and Technology Office at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for managing the IoT strategy across all of Intel’s assets, including development of strategic business objectives, an end-to-end implementation strategy, driving external industry and partner leadership, and technical alignment to deliver foundational IoT technologies and solutions. IoT is a significant area of growth for Intel, and the company has a wide range of technologies and assets to help customers realize the business transformational opportunity IoT offers.

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