Intel’s Steenman Talks Creating a World Embedded with Innovation

Though one may not realize it, people interact with embedded processor technology hundreds of times throughout the day – whether it’s getting cash from the ATM, checking out at the grocery store or stopping at a red light on the road – all of these devices are powered by an embedded processor. With these everyday experiences becoming increasingly connected, there are endless possibilities for innovative devices adjacent to the PC with Intel technology inside in areas such as transportation, retail and digital signage, health and wellness and communications.

Powering many of the intelligent devices in these market segments are technology solutions from Intel’s Embedded and Communications Group (ECG), led by Ton Steenman, vice president and general manager.

Recently I traveled to San Francisco with Steenman to meet with a small group of reporters and discuss the success and growth opportunity for Intel’s embedded business.

With over $1 billion dollars in annual revenue, Steenman predicts sales to grow at a rate of over 25 percent per year over the next three years – a rate faster than the embedded market overall. Much of this growth he attributed to design wins secured over the last few years that are just now coming to fruition due to the long lead time for devices hitting the market in the embedded space.

Steenman also believes that working directly with leading brands to discover challenges the various market segments are facing, Intel is able to showcase the innovative ways in which technology can be integrated to develop a compelling solution to solve their business problems. A terrific example of this model coming to life is the adiVERSE virtual footwear wall developed with adidas. Using Intel technology adiVERSE allows adidas to offer shoppers their entire shoe collection within the confines of a traditional retail wall space. View the demo here.

Additionally, by offering a scalable product line from the low power Intel Atom processor family, to the Intel Coreand Intel Xeon families, the embedded group is able to meet the wide range of needs. Though Intel Core and Intel Xeon represent over 40 percent of the group’s sales today, Steenman predicts the Intel Atom processor becoming 50 percent of volume growth within the next five years.

Enabling innovation in this space from intelligent farm tractors and autonomous robots, the Intel Atom processor has quickly become the fastest ramping product in Intel’s embedded history with over 5,400 design engagements – over 60 percent of those being conversions from a different architecture.

By bringing these innovative products and technology to the marketplace Intel’s embedded solutions aim to enrich our lives by putting intelligence into billions of devices that can be connected, secured and managed – creating a world embedded with innovation. So tell me, how could innovative Intel technology help you in your everyday life?

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About Ton Steenman

Vice President, Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Group General Manager, Internet of Things Strategy and Technology Office Ton Steenman is vice president of the Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Group and general manager of the Internet of Things Strategy and Technology Office at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for managing the IoT strategy across all of Intel's assets, including development of strategic business objectives, an end-to-end implementation strategy, driving external industry and partner leadership, and technical alignment to deliver foundational IoT technologies and solutions. IoT is a significant area of growth for Intel, and the company has a wide range of technologies and assets to help customers realize the business transformational opportunity IoT offers.

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  1. The ATM is doing gr8 for us,as i kw the term but due to this article ,i kw that the basic feature of embedded processor technology has governed these services thanks for the information it was amazing

  2. There are still so many places and ways that imbedded technology can be used to make our “world” more efficient and convenient. I’d love to hear about some of “out-of-the-box” Intel community thinking around this…Thoughts?

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