Gifts for Father’s Day: Tablets are the New Ties

Father’s Day is upon us. Have you been procrastinating on what to give to the Dads in your life? Especially for Dads that have everything? A sweater or work shirt? He doesn’t need another one. A book? Been there, done that. A gift certificate? Kind of impersonal.

This year, you may want to go the gadget route, and buy Dad one of the sleek new tablets recently made available. If you are considering a technology upgrade for your Dad, a tablet will be a good option, especially for Dads that do a lot of travelling for work.

There are a number of tablet options out there, something that is portable, reliable and offers all of the functionality (or as much as possible) of the PC is the way to go. Here are the two finalists in my own Father’s Day gift hunt, both powered by the latest Intel Atom processor:

  • Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 Slate PC – this new tablet is great for business travelers and offers the portability of a tablet with the functionality of a business-focused device. Users aren’t just limited to viewing content, but can also create and share their projects and updates easily. The choice of using either a pen or multi-touch gives users options that are most comfortable to them, and it also runs Windows which makes it easily compatible with other devices.

  • Motion CL900 Tablet PC – the name of this tablet’s game is rugged. Yes it has the functionality of many other tablets out there, but how many others can say they were designed to withstand a drop from the back of a truck, table or workbench? Like the Stylistic above, the Motion CL900 also has the option to use a pen, or touch, and can run for 8 hours on a single charge. The Intel Atom processor provides good balance in terms of power consumption and the ability to run multiple applications at once.

Giving a tablet to your Dad also increases his opportunity to brag – whenever someone asks about his tablet or whether he likes it or not, he could mention it’s a Father’s Day gift from his family. An additional bonus to all the capabilities the tablets above offer.

One Response to Gifts for Father’s Day: Tablets are the New Ties

  1. Like a necktie, but only waaaaayyyyy cooler. I travel a lot and I see other people on the plane with one and I get a bad case of “tablet envy”. I never thought about working on one as a Father’s Day gift. Thanks for the great advice.