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Innovation is everywhere at Computex. Every year, this show provides a snapshot of where the technology industry is, and sends us postcards from the future of where things are going. Intel’s Mooly Eden showed his keynote attendees plenty of both.

Some the present-day snapshots included Intel’s new Z68 Express )desktop chipset, Intel® Smart Response Technology, and All-in-One (AIO) PCs. All these technologies show that innovation is still driving the desktop PC forward, delivering more performance, more responsiveness, and new form-factors.

Mooly also talked about how Intel’s design process is quietly undergoing a major transformation inside the company. He described the period leading up to this as a “kind of identity crisis.” Designs were once driven almost exclusively by engineering requirements, but current and future designs are being driven by the experience and usage models the design team wants to deliver. Design teams that formerly consisted of engineers and architects, now include a wide array of team members including anthropologists and psychologists who now guide the product design process.

Attendees also got more detail about the new Ultrabook™ platform Intel announced at the show. This emerging new breed of no-compromise computers will increasingly combine best-in-class performance, improved responsiveness and security in thin, elegant form factors. These systems promise to be ultra-thin, ultra-secure and ultra-responsive. And Mooly added a fourth “ultra”: ultra-amazing. But this isn’t just a postcard from the future. Mooly showed off several first-generation Ultrabooks, including the ASUS* UX21, the Samsung* Series 9, and the Lenovo* U300.

Mooly concluded by challenging the industry to join Intel in revolutionizing the PC yet again. Throughout the PC’s history, technologies like CD-ROM, Centrino and wireless networking, as well as the Intel Core™ 2 Duo Processor represented major changes in what PCs could do for people. As we look ahead to the next two years and beyond, we see many exciting changes on the horizon to bring amazing experiences into sleek form factors that will redefine what we think of as a PC.

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