Visibly Smart Features Inside 2nd Generation Intel Core-Based Laptops and PCs

Whenever something new comes out, it always helps to “see” what it is and “see” how it works for me to really get a good understanding. That’s exactly what happened over the past few months leading up to the release of the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™processor family.

Whenever I heard, “this is new,” or “this is amazing” or “people will love this,” I asked our experts to show me what they meant, and from that we created this “Visibly Smart” video.

These new chips will be found in more than 500 PCs and laptops this year. They are unlike any other processor Intel has launched and here’s why:

Great visual experiences: Intel refers to the 2nd generation Core processor family as “Visibly Smart.” What this means is that by building the visual and graphics capabilities into the processor itself, and enabling processing performance that adapts (or boosts) to meet your needs, PC experiences will change in a way that is obvious for you and me to see. Our computer will be more responsive and look better, in other words – visibly smarter performance for watching 3D Blue Ray movies and HD videos, viewing high quality photos and playing games.

New features don’t compromise power and battery: While the new processors dramatically improve our PC experience and you may think that better visuals automatically mean shorter battery life, this is not the case with the new Core processor family. The new chips are more efficient and enable longer battery lives thanks to the new Intel Turbo Boost 2.0technology that increases performance when needed then quickly pulls drops down to idle in order to get the job done and save as much energy consumption as possible.

Special Access to HD Movies on my PC: Intel has announced, Intel Insider, that is powered by the new processors. Intel Insider will give access to full HD (1080dp) movies on a PC that weren’t available before. Now you can get new releases in HD on the same day at DVD and Blu-Ray releases. Since I take my PC with me everywhere I go, this means I can watch new movies anytime, anywhere and wirelessly.

Intel Quick Sync: This hardware built into the technology eliminates the time you’d spend waiting when editing and sharing videos. For example, a four-minute HD video can now convert a PC file to transfer to an iPod in just 16 seconds that same video use to take 4 minutes.

Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) 2.0: I was especially excited to hear about advances made to Intel Wireless Display(also called WiDi) which has become a popular item in my household. With Wireless Display 2.0, me and my family can now benefit from 1080p HD and content protection when we beam premium HD content from our laptop screen to the TV. I found this particularly useful over the holidays when my sister wanted to show off her recent vacation photos.

At CES, Intel highlighted these new features, services and partnerships that are helping 2nd Generation Intel Core processors bring us better visual computing experience. How will you put these new visibly smart features to work in your life?

7 thoughts on “Visibly Smart Features Inside 2nd Generation Intel Core-Based Laptops and PCs

  1. Intel CES fails to excite the stock. Why? Is it because people looking more for mobility such as hand held and tablet instead of performance?

  2. I think it is much better than present processor family.The only disadvantage I found is we will be unable to change our graphic card.Isn’t it?

  3. I’m always amazed how the technology just does more and more. I know it’s not magic. There must be a lot of people behind the scenes working hard to make it happen. It certainly makes me want to replace my laptop.

  4. I enjoyed the presentation, and also enjoy the i7 processor in my Apple Mac Book Pro. Thank you all at intel for helping to build my laptop.

  5. I find it amazing how incomprehensible and full of marketing hyperbole and how lacking in facts most computer advertisements are

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