Geo Social @ CES: Winners and Losers

The 2011 Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas saw a new dimension of mobile and smart phone device usage by attendees. Not only were these devices on display on the show floor, but many exhibitors asked their guests to “check-in” into their booths with popular geo social tools like Foursquare, Gowalla, Scvngr or Facebook Places. Some social-savvy attendees simply checked in on their own to extend their CES attendence to the social web.

At the Intel booth, we designed an app that aggregated and tracked social conversations, content and discussions, including Geo Social check-ins from all booths at this year’s CES. This app is one of the most advanced web apps Intel has ever created using pure HTML 5 and CSS3, developed with the help from our friends at Jess3.

As the data poured in, we were able to to create a wide angle-view of all social activity at CES. We shared this view with our event attendees, displayed the data in our guests areas, our executive conference rooms and social media backstage.

The numbers below give the total number of check-ins during CES 2011 and, according to our data, the relative standing of how each exhibitor faired. They include all checkins during CES using Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places presented in total.

10,133 Total Checkins at CES 2011

– Blackberry: 2422

– Sony: 1573

– Intel: 1343

– NBC Uni: 353

– Sharp: 291

– Toshiba: 150

– Samsung: 130

– Shuttle: 125

– Panasonic: 121

– TI DLP: 101

– All others Sub ~100

This is meant to serve as a guide. Any discrepancies are a result of: A limited sample set (official venues or multiple venues), profanity within shouts, and an editorialized list of booths based on their immediate popularity.

What could this mean? Geo-social programs can be a great way to increase engagement and participation. And… teams need to ensure that their booth is properly named, easy to find in the geo-social tool and an integrated piece of the offline and online strategies.

Here’s me demonstrating the #CESLivesocial visuialization technology at CES: