Intel Chipset With Potential Problem – What To Do (UPDATED)

By now some of you may have heard that Intel representatives announced the discovery of a potential issue in one of the companion chipsets to the Intel® 2nd Generation Core™ processors, code named “Sandy Bridge.” Because Intel is committed to providing our customers products of the highest quality, we have proactively identified the affected part, stopped shipment of the product, and have begun to manufacture a new version of the support chip which will resolve this issue.

This issue only affects the Intel® 2nd Generation Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 quad core based systems that have been shipping since January 9th, 2011. If you believe your PC may contain the affected part please follow the instructions below.

How do I know if my PC contains the affected part?

If you purchased your system before January 9th, 2011 you do not need to do anything else.

I’ve confirmed that my PC contains the part affected in this announcement. What should I do next?

If you believe you may be affected by this issue, please contact your place of purchase or your PC manufacturer. Intel is working with our PC manufacturing partners on a warranty return solution.

What is the specific technical problem identified?

The parts that contain this potential problem includes the Intel® 6 Series (and the Intel® C200 Series Chipset). In some cases, the Serial-ATA (SATA) ports within the chipsets may degrade over time, potentially impacting the performance or functionality of SATA-linked devices such as hard disk drives and DVD-drives. This issue does not affect the processor but only affects the supporting chipsets. Intel has implemented a silicon fix to this problem.

Where might I find more information about this issue?

Intel is committed to communicating openly with our valued customers and partners regarding this issue. To better respond to your questions, we have implemented a live chat feature on our Intel Customer Support page. You are also encouraged to contact your PC Manufacturer for more information on any warranty return process.

We will post more information here as it becomes available.


We have posted a new page to help you identify whether your chipset may be affected by this issue. Please follow the instructions on this page to determine the next steps you should take.

85 thoughts on “Intel Chipset With Potential Problem – What To Do (UPDATED)

  1. OK, what I’d be interested to know what “degrade over time” means.
    I have always assumed “solid state is solid state is solid state”, meaning either it works, or it doesn’t.
    How can a digital chip “degrade” over time?
    Two transistors working against each other, the stronger one slowly damaging the weaker one?
    Even in these two scenarios, the failure mode would probably be a sudden failure after some random interval, not a “degradation”.

  2. Hi!
    It’s quite a disappointing fact but it happens. What I’m after here is more info on the return/exchange process. Should we contact Intel, mobos manufactures or the store we bought the faulty board from? Is the march timeframe doable or we’re looking at april or later for fixed boards. I’m especially concerned about the small countries where even if everything goes well, still very few boards are available. The shipping costs are gonna be a major problem for us if we have to deal with the manufacturer directly. I’m quite happy that Intel are taking this seriously and trying to make it less painful for us. I’m just concerned about the small markets. Even if the problem is more of a mind thing(assuming only the sata II ports are affected and actually using them if needed is safe for the time being), it’s still quite unpleasant that your cutting edge system has a nasty bug built into it.

  3. Hi Simeon,
    Thank you for the comment. We recommend that if you believe your computer is affected with the issue, that you contact the PC manufacturer directly for their specific instructions.
    – Kelly

  4. I don’t think this will affect many. Why, so far flawed chipsets are sold mostly in laptops. Most laptops only use SATA 0 and SATA 1 ports (for hard drive and DVD drive) – the key here is that only ports 2 through 5 are affected. So you are fine. Read my full explanation here….

  5. hi.
    “…If you purchased your system before January 9th, 2011 you do not need to do anything else.” => it’s somewhat obscure.
    In my case, I purchased my P67 mainboard at January 8,2011.
    How about my chipset? It’s affected too?

  6. Hi again,
    Why are we talking about i7s and i5s at all and making this more confusing. My understanding is that every 1155(p67, h67) board manufactured so far is having this nasty little problem built into it. And it’s supposed that it’s manifesting is a statistical thing but it’s sure to be there. This is something that might need a bit more clarification for me.
    When you’re talking about contacting the PC manufacturer you’re actually meaning the store the product(motherboard in this case) is bought from? I’m probably gonna give it a few weeks to rest and then start doing something about it. Are we supposed to prove that the problem has manifested itself to a critical level before being able to get our board changed? I suppose that there is known to be a problem and that’s gonna be enough.

  7. Hi I just purchased an i7 2600k a few days ago. Should I be worried? I’m only going to be using two SATA ports. O and 1.

  8. I bought an Intel DP67BG ATX motherboard on 15th of January 2011 .. is this motherboard affected? Tanks.

  9. I do have the identical problem with SATA interface on Intel motherboard carrying 945G chipset. The divices connected through SATA interface often report error in I/O’s with mainboard.

  10. How do I know if I am affected by the fault is Intel going to make a list of motherboards affected or part numbers ect.. as I was an early adopter of sandy bridge and not sure if I got a older board or a newer board with the defected chip-set as I did buy my board after the general realise date of January 9th 2011.

  11. With all due respect; That’s just plain silly–Ask everyone NOT to use a portion of their system. I have one of the affected boards (DH67BL) and it ain’t in no laptop! And I bought it to use the SATA II ports in addition to the SATA III. I don’t see how you can say there’s little impact when the numbers being tossed around include $700 million and eight million boards in just under a month.

  12. I chose and bought the intel DP67BG Extreme Series board from NewEgg exactly on January 18, 2010. When contacting NewEgg today regarding the recall, I was informed to stay tuned for announcements as they await further information from Intel. My questions are:
    Am I expected to receive the same motherboard model (with corrected chipset)or will a new model be provided?
    If it is the same motherboard model (DP67BG) being provided for exchange and my hardware remains the same, will I need to reformat/reinstall windows 7?

  13. When do you expect the retailers and PC manufacturers to be ready to respond? I have contacted both HP and Best Buy, but no one has any idea what I’m talking about.

  14. I just received a call from HP concerning this issue.
    They told me “HP will not replace my unit”. They also stated that “unless the unit is failing” they will not allow the return, replacement, or repair of this unit. Luckily I can still return it to Best Buy.
    I believe it is in Intel’s best interest to get the OEM manufacturers to agree with replacing or repairing these units, failing or not.
    The small number of defective units released, compared to the total that will eventually sell, would alone justify replacing these units, just for customer satisfaction alone.
    I know that if I return this unit, I probably will not purchase another from HP, and maybe not another at all, if I have to wait another 2 Months.
    I purchased my unit as a gift that was to be awarded late this week. 2 Months from now it won’t matter any more to this person, who will probably purchase their own by then. If the manufacturer stated that they would fix these units, fail or not, the gift would have been awarded.
    If the OEM won’t support this, then Intel is going to lose business.
    Thanks for listening.

  15. I purchased a “Lenovo IdeaPad Y560p (4397-22U) NoteBook Intel Core i7 2630QM(2.00GHz) 15.6″ 6GB Memory DDR3 1066 750GB HDD 5400rpm DVD±R/RW AMD Radeon HD 6570M” from and it has bad issues. It was one of the recalls. It boots up on first time use and says the computer was not shut down properly and you have to run a restore before you can even use it for the first time. Then, you have to restore a couple of times for the error to go away when booting. I would stay away from the Intel Core i7 2630QM laptops for now.

  16. I wanted to also point out that with my laptop purchase of the “lenovo IdeaPad Y560p (4397-22U) Intel Core i7 2630QM(2.00GHz) 15.6″ 6GB Memory 750GB HDD AMD Radeon HD 6570M NoteBook”, I contacted and they gave me the option to wait to see what Intel said tomorrow or to give me a full refund. I chose the full refund and they did an RMA with no restocking fees. Thank You….

  17. Is it OK to connect a SATA 2 device to the SATA 3 ports?
    I have been told that if you connect a SATA 2 device to the SATA 3 port (0 and 1), then the data is still channeled through the SATA 2 circuitry, and you will see degradation on those ports too.
    So to confirm, is the problem still affecting SATA 2 devices connected to the SATA 3 ports?

  18. Hi Patyal,
    Thanks for the comment. I checked with my technical experts and here was their response:
    “The Intel® 945G Chipset is not impacted by the issue. This issue only impacts the Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets and Intel® Xeon™ C200 Series chipset systems with devices using SATA ports 2-5. The Intel 945G Chipset is a previous generation chipset and is not affected by this issue. Please work with your computer manufacturer or place of purchase for technical support for your Intel 945G chipset-based product.” Hope that helps! ~Kelly

  19. Simeon,
    When we recommend contacting your place of purchase or PC manufacturer we mean the vendor or store you purchased the product from. If you have an Intel Series 6 Express chipset impacted by the issue, we don’t believe you will not need to prove the issue has manifested on your system. Best of luck! ~Kelly

  20. BUMP
    Am I expected to receive the same motherboard model (with corrected chipset)or will a new model be provided? If it is the same motherboard model (DP67BG) being provided for exchange and my hardware remains the same, will I need to reformat/reinstall windows 7?

  21. How hard is it to understand that all Sandy Bridge boards are effected(all current Sandy bridge Mobos, yes even laptops, use the Intel 6 series chip, also known as Cougar Point and Cougar Point-m). I repeat, all of them are using the 6 series chipset. You could look at the wiki page for the H67 chipset and you would see it has the cougar points and you will be effected sometime by this flaw unless you never use the SATA 3Gbit/s ports.

  22. If I purchased a Core i5 2500K from the store, along with a new motherboard and memory, how do I find out if its affected or not? It was bought on the day of its release, and I do use about 4 SATA devices on it…any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  23. If I purchased a Core i5 2500K from the store, along with a new motherboard and memory, how do I find out if its affected or not? If it is, what can be done about that, since its not part of a desktop or laptop? It was bought on the day of its release, and I do use about 4 SATA devices on it…any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  24. Hi…I would like to know the same as what chiss warren asked please…I have read other write ups that mentioned that the Sata 3(6GB/s) are supposed to be safe to use and as far as I know I thought that the Sata 2 and Sata 3 Ports are separate,but because there are these questions and I am not an expert I would like you to answer that for me also…Also I have a Asus P8P67 Deluxe mainboard that has not been taken out of it’s box to make into a computer yet…Should I just take this back and get a refund…A quick reply would be appreciated as I have to return back to work soon…I work long hours and as such have not much time spare to do other things…

  25. When will we be able to buy good (non-refurbished) systems from Dell? I was poised to buy a i7-2600 system to launch my programming business and the delay is going to hurt. Why are Dell still flogging XPS systems with the i7-2600 chipset but have withdrawn their Vostro 460 systems?

  26. Hi, i bought ny new system 2 weeks ago. I checked out my motherboard’s id giving me 12/23/2010 from everest application. So is this mean of this mobo before 9th January and from first generation ?

  27. Hi, i bought ny new system 2 weeks ago. I checked out my motherboard’s id giving me 12/23/2010 from everest application. So is this mean of this mobo before 9th January and from first generation ?

  28. Hi Gregor, Regarding your dissatisfaction with solid state objects ‘degrading over time’: The fact is that all solids fail by microscopic mechanisms, such as when microfractures coalesce to form a through going crack. Whenever new materials and geometries are used in a design, stress tests are always run to identify and eliminate all potential failure mechanisms. As you might guess, the mechanisms with the slow rates are a challenge to spot.~Kat

  29. Hi Kelly… Just what are the vendors supposed to do??? We are in the dark about this. Is there a recall or not officially?
    Really, if customers complain, what do we do?
    Do we have to wait 2 months before the new motherboards?
    Since the post, vendors are in the dark to what to do.
    Please tell us what to do with this problem.
    Thank you

    I am not familiar with the “everest application” and do I not know what date it may be identifying. You can find instructions to identify if you have an impacted Intel® 6 Series Express chipset within Windows 7 or Windows XP on our Web site: For further help please use our Chat (click and then click on Chat) feature to contact Intel Customer Support directly. Hope that helps! – Kelly

  31. Hi George,
    The best thing to do would be to contact your place of purchase regarding return of your product. Remember thatt it might take some time for specific replacement / exchange procedures to be established and implemented by individual vendors. – Kelly

  32. Hi Jason,
    I checked with my technical experts and here was their response to your question: “This issue has been root caused and is attributed to reference circuitry used for clocks going to SATA Ports 2-5. This is not a manufacturing process problem. This issue impacts all Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets and Intel® Xeon® C200 Series chipsets on systems using SATA ports 2-5. ” I hope that helps! – Kelly

  33. Dan, that is a great suggestion! We’re working on it. In the meantime visit the new page we posted listed above to see if that process can help you. Good luck! -Kelly

  34. Hello again. This is my third time posting. Is there a reason why my questions remain unanswered? I feel like others have posted after me, yet my questions have yet to be answered:
    Am I expected to receive the same motherboard model (with corrected chipset)or will a new model be provided? If it is the same motherboard model (DP67BG) being provided for exchange and my hardware remains the same, will I need to reformat/reinstall windows 7?

  35. Hi Chris,
    I’m sorry it seems we haven’t answered your question. The reason is because we can’t necessarily answer it–Newegg should have the correct information about exactly what can be replaced and the process required. If they are unable to help you check back, but our understanding is that your vendor or PC manufacturer can best answer your question. ~Kelly

  36. This isn’t something that can be unplugged and replaced. The board would have to be “re-manufactured” in a controlled environment. I doubt the same recalled board would be returned to you. I really doubt that Intel will even attempt to rebuild the boards. They’ll make the silicon change and ramp production with the new chips and add a revision number. This isn’t affecting just Intel boards though. It’s affecting all boards that use the H67,P67 or Q67 chip set. That’s pretty much every board made that was designed to use the Intel Gen2 i5 and i7 processor. For the time being, there’s no alternative. Newegg is saying they will extend the return policy to 90 days and issue a refund RMA OR notify you when replacement boards are available. I’m not sure what they mean by the “second option” but they expect the new boards around April. (Tight schedule if you’re holding for the 90-day return privilege.) This isn’t going to be a small deal. It’s going to involve Microsoft and every OEM builder as well as private buyers. I can see this turning into a class action real quick since its effect is so widespread. I know one thing for sure, us “little people” will be at the bottom of the list. The best thing to do is handle the motherboard return through your place of purchase. But for now, there is NO second choice for motherboards.

  37. Hello, Kelly, and what about HM65 chipset? It’s Intel 6 Cougar Point Series too. Is it affected with the issue?

  38. hello, I have HP pavilion dv7-5000 Intel Core i7 2630QM(2.00GHz) sandy bridge. OEM company doesn’t say anithing in Moscow, have my notebook error?

  39. Hello, I JUST bought a i7-2600K and an ASUS P8P67 Mobo through Amazon on Jan 15-19th. I assume that the i7-2600K
    is affected… I had an issue attempting to overclock it, core temp went from 46C to 90C. What about the ASUS Mobo ?
    Will Amazon contact me directly for a replacement ?

  40. I am actually in a state of awe. Not at the defective product. I am in awe of the clients that are upset. Why? Because, Intel has actually admitted to a defect and set up a way for people to resolve the defect.
    99% of big corps would deny liability and refuse to help. Ironically, 99% of consumers would complain and end up buying from that company again.
    When we all take responsibility, we see that common causes are repeated due to equally enabled denial by seller and buyer. Do you think that companies fail soley of their management? Consumers share an imperative role as product quality managers. The only reason a business succeeds is the people involved. How long would a company survive if it operated by results. Or, if it seeked cutting costs with no regard for quality? Well, look in the mirror. Why is GM still here? Why is BP still here? Exxon? Microsoft? We allow them to, not only survive, but thrive. And, they continually bring bad quality, and we buy it.
    Are bad business, corupt corporations, and unethical entities ran by humans? Are we human? Would you commit an act as hideous as Enron? YOU COULD. So, as humans, it is requisite that we lead with whatever they will follow. That is MONEY. I mean take serious, drastic action. If you buy bad quality from a company. And you can’t get reimbursed or provided a resolution that is within 24 hours, never purchase their product again. Also, research the product’s capabilities and the company that is selling. Don’t buy emotionally!!! Emotions are like the passing weather, temporary, predictible, and do not increase product quality. Buy it because it will increase the value of your life experience. LIFE IS INVALUABLE. DO NOT LET PRICE DICTATE YOUR WORTH. PRICELESS IS WORTH. PRICE IS WORTHLESS.

  41. Kelly, you seem to be answering all these questions. Here are mine, I asked on FB but no one answered.
    Is there a time window?
    Will you be pushing to OEM first or providing to the consumer first? How soon will sites like Newegg, TigerDirect, and Amazon be restocked? Will they still be at the same price point?
    Are you rebuilding boards, if so do you have to wait for stock to return first?
    Have you submitting the revised schematics to manufacturers so they can begin pushing out new boards?

  42. i understand why the recall is in place, but i was wondering if i could still pick up a defective motherboard from and use it until the replacements arrive?
    i have already ordered a 2600K which is due to arrive in the next few days and i NEED the computer but the end of the week (max en of next week)
    i will NOT be using ports 2-5 and i will be happy to sign a legal document saying i will not sue/complain to intel ect

  43. I have just received the DH67GD boxed system board that I ordered just before Jan 31. I would like to know when I should phone in to make arrangements for replacement, March April?

  44. Hi. I was planning to get a new computer, I still have a P4, it is good, but for today’s games and cad softwares it is a bit slow… When do you plan to release the new chipset? Any idea about when they will arrive on the market? Haha I waited some years to change my computer and then when I will buy, this happened, I’m not lucky, but thanks for telling us about the problem just after you discovered it. If you could give me any idea about when the new parts will be available, I will really appreciate, thank you.

  45. Got word from Toshiba by emali that i need to clean up my laptop and they will send me a RA by email and then ship it back to them for a refund. Hey, this hardly sounds like good customer service to me. What about the time and $ invested. How do I overcome the software licensing issues when I try to reload from a link to a new laptop with a new ID for Norton 360, M/S Office 2010 and Act by Sage 2011?? Where is the compensation for this significant inconvenience? I know “stuff” happens but where is the customer service in all of this…and to still read it may or many not be a significant issue. How will I know Intel has resolved this issue in its next generation of i7s? Reply requested.

  46. When will we be able to buy good (non-refurbished) systems from Dell? I was poised to buy a i7-2600 system to launch my programming business and the delay is going to hurt. Why are Dell still flogging XPS systems with the i7-2600 chipset but have withdrawn their Vostro 460 systems?

  47. Hello, when will new laptops with the fixed 2nd generation chipset i5 and i7 be shipping (when will I be able to buy one)? ie HP, ASUS, SONY, others?

  48. From my personal experience, a spin of silicon and a qualification process to prove fix will take months. If Intel have now fixed this issue, they knew about the problem before the new year but couldn’t stop what was in the pipeline to the manufacturers and suppliers. Is that a fair comment?
    If this is the case why was the flag not raised earlier?

  49. Update on HP response.
    I contacted HP again today, and noted their WEB site had announced that they would notify customers when Intel had a fix.
    HP stated they will not take the laptop back for any reason unless it is failing, and that Intel has not worked with them at all.
    Once again I reminded them this was their announcement. They told me they would not help me.
    It appears to me that neither Intel nor HP will resolve this issue.
    I feel that Intel has dropped the ball here. I have returned my unit to the place of purchase. This was the first new computer I have bought in 10 years.
    It will be a long time before I trust Intel again, as they did not help me, when their product failed.

  50. Is the acer aspire 5750G – intel core i7-2630QM affected by this? how do I find out if its affected or not?should icontact Intel, mobos manufactures or the store we bought the faulty board from?

  51. i just bought an Acer Aspire 5750G with i7 chipset today..should i be concerned about this?if so, what should i do?

  52. I was told by lowjack that is also having a high call volume on these issues with HP and DELL cause the chip set is not set right from ITEL nor HP or DELL the low jack systems fails and locks the system up. What I found out yesterday is that there is a bios version comming out in March and Silcon will come out with there own fix… My question is I have a computer that needs to be fixed in the mean time and HP donesnt knoww what to do yet how sad. $$1500 dollar computer as a paper weight cause there is no fix to the issue or retrun it and get credit and price match another computer HP Pavilion dv7t Select Edition customizable Notebook PC
    HP Pavilion dv7t Select Edition customizable Notebook PC

  53. But how soon? Does it make sense to wait for MBs to return to the market or will the 2600K be outdated by then? Trying not to make it sound like a threat, but should I go AMD for a while?

  54. When does Intel think they will have the Sandy Bridge problem fix.
    I’m building a computer. I have everything else but the motherboard.

  55. Kelly
    I have contacted th reseller, Micro Center. They state they have no idea when you are issuing new boards. I am getting quite tired of the fingerpointing. Can you please tell us what is going on. I have a few thousand dollars invested in this system based upon your defective chipset…

  56. I purchased a HP Pavilion dv6-3267cl last week. It lists that it has Series 5 chipsets. How do I know if it did not have the Series 6 chipsets or if it was sent back by Sam’s Club and has had a replacement?

  57. Intel acts like China when it comes to free flow of information. My last posting was deleted or excluded. If this is a free country, and intel decides what is posted; what is not then we have a problem.

  58. Intel needs to improve their handling of this recall as it pertains to Intel-sourced motherboards. Intel claims that the vendor or PC manufacturer is responsible for handling the recall, and Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI have all announced programs for motherboard refunds/replacements. In the case of Intel-source motherboards, Intel is the vendor/manufacturer, yet there is no official program for refund or replacement of Intel motherboards.
    I bought an Intel DH67BL on 1/25 from Tigerdirect and am trying to determine how to get it replaced. Intel says I have to go to Tigerdirect to get a replacement, and Tigerdirect says I have to go to Intel. I don’t mind waiting a few weeks for boards to be available, but at this point it looks like there is no official path to get there.

  59. HI Chris,
    I want to apologize for not posting your comments more quickly. I’ll make no excuses–I should have gotten to you sooner. Sorry about that.
    Did you find a solution to your data loss issue? I’m looking in to what mobo customers should do in this circumstance. Stay tuned.

  60. Can anyone tell me when computers with the revised chipset for the faulty SATA controller will be in stores?

  61. Kelly:
    Thank you for keeping this blog section open.
    As we have yet to see the new B3 revision intel boards released (Asus, GigaByte, MSI have received theirs already) can intel provide some kind compensation for all those who purchased Intel motherboards? How about a rebate coupon for the next intel product we purchase? I think this could be the least Intel can do for all those still awaiting their revision B3 intel motherboards.

  62. I received a DP67BG motherboard in a drawing. Box has not been opened and I wanted to keep it that way to sell it on eBay. Is there a way to determine from the serial number on the outside of the box if this unit was recalled?

  63. I bought an Intel DQ67SW motherboard last week. The part number has a B3 appended to it, thus indicating that it has the B3 stepping of the Q67 chipset. I started using the motherboard for a few hours and then had issues with the on-board 3G SATA controllers. I found this article on the Intel website: ( ). This indicated that my “B3” labelled motherboard had a B2 chipset in it. I wanted to verify that this was correct. So, I found this document: ( ), which details all of the revision IDs for each device function for each of the B2 and B3 steppings. I used linux (command used: lshw) to verify the revision IDs. All of the device function revision IDs matched the B2 stepping revisions in the Intel documentation. This may be a much larger problem than Intel thinks, if the “faulty” boards are getting repacked without getting the chipsets replaced. I am willing to be wrong here, but when so many pieces of documentation point toward this being a problem, I have to go with the information that I have. I am returning the Motherboard to the retailer for a refund with documentation of the problem, so that they can also follow up with Intel and get this issue resolved. I was very disappointed in this experience. I was looking forward to using the VT-d technology and Intel Active Management technology. They were the reasons that I bought this board even though it was a MicroATX board with fewer slots than I preferred. In place of this I purchased an AMD Phenom x6 1090T and a 890FX chipset that supports IOMMU (Direct IO pass through to virtual hosts). I have to purchase another motherboard for the Intel i% processor that was to go on this board. An Intel board will probably not be in the running after this experience.
    I hope that somebody at Intel can shed some light on this issue, as it has made me extremely leery of purchasing any more Intel products for personal or professional use.

  64. Re: My previous post about the B2 MB in a B3 stepping box, I have not posted this information anywhere else. I wanted to give Intel the chance to explain, and if there is an issue, remedy it instead of adding to the current concerns of the Intel’s handling of the Sandy Bridge defect. If I don’t hear back from you guys in a few days, then I will post this information elsewhere, so that consumers can verify and protect themselves.

  65. Kelly: I get a page-not-known notice when I click on: Please advise. Also, I have followed up with HP on the 570t (i7-2600) system ordered last week — before I’d heard of the chip problem, but after I read the HP sales pitch on the “blinding speed and reliability” of the i7 chip, also last week. And this has been known about since around the turn of the year? Is it Intel or HP that’s playing the misleading game here on reliability. I’ve emailed HP asking if they installed a possibly defective chip. They respond (yesterday, in a rambling tribute to themselves that is replete with grammatical errors!) that the chip I am going to receive in the box scheduled to have been built on 22 April, but, somehow en route already, contains the i7 chip “appropriate to [my] order.” Huh? Why not a “yes” or “no” response? What does “appropriate” mean? Really, it isn’t helpful to tell once-removed Intel customers that we should contact the people who are re-selling us Intel products. After all, they bought them first; my problem is that they don’t have a problem since I’ve bought your product next! Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Intel be the one with the problem, rather than the one with the money? Like, my money? Why aren’t you forwarding the victims’ missives to the suppliers of the board, demanding the victims’ reimbursement. Presumably, the suppliers didn’t themselves know about the defect. Well … now … in HP’s case that might be incorrect since they claim that the chips they are installing and shipping with their systems are “appropriate.” Appropriate for what? Lapel pins? I bought the HP product based on HP’s and Intel’s promotion of the Intel chip. Now, what is Intel going to do about that? Specifically. Please let me hear from you at your first convenience.

  66. Hi Kelly, Well nearly the end of April, and the replacement boards are even arriving in Australia. And thankfully my Vendor has taken the enlightened view that it is in their best buissness interest to swap out affected Mobo’s free of charge…Personally I’ll be doing it myself, that way I know it’ll be done properly.
    But very disappointed with the Mobo manufacturer’s and “Intel” for the way this has all been handled, with more interst in their financial bottom line than in the end user, who ultimatley are the reason they have a bottom line at all.
    A lot of end user’s are going to be out of pocket for at least the down time of their PC, as well as several month’s of Angst/ data loss/ transport / dissasembling their computer’s etc.
    That the “issue” was the result of a manufacturing problem can be accepted, these things happen, however in just about any other field such an issue would have resulted in an imediate product recall and replacment. not repeated misdirection information about it only being a concern if you only use two of the five SATA port’s! that’s equivelent to telling someone that there is a poroblem with their new Ferrari but it will be fine as long as you only use first and second gear!
    Personally I will settle for the replacement board, at least my PC will be back up and running in a few day’s, (hopefully without the present bugs, but i will stake my left testicle that the Mobo manufacturer’s will be getting compensation from Intel….shame that the end user will not benefit from this….Mabye it’s time to swith back to AMD 🙂

  67. OK, I bought my Intel Mobo in January. Intel promised replacements to be completed by end of April. It is end of April and now I hear Intel has a manufacturing backlog of the faulty chipset motherboards.
    What is going on this really is not fair to the consumers.

  68. Indeed a very good read! Very informative post with pretty good insight on all aspects of the topic! Will keep visiting in future too!

  69. Just ordered ( 13/5/2011) an i7cpu based XPS 8300 desktop system from Dell.
    Am i likely to have an impacted SATA controller on the motherboard when it arrives.
    Hope you can get back to me soon. Thanks

  70. hi i would like to know if all the i7 intel 6 series/c200 series chipset family sold afte jan 9th are i brought my laptop on end of jan n i couldnt notice any problem with my laptop.Thankyou.

  71. I reside in Turkey. The beginning of last month I bought a computer ( Casper Neo – i7 2600, 8 gb, Radeon HD 6750, 1 TB drive , from the turkish PC manufacturer Casper ) with i7 processor. Despite an assurance from the dealer that their computers are fault free, it turned out after all my computer had the revision B2 chipset.
    Last week I e-mailed the manufacturer

  72. Hi this is SUJAY, i’ve purchased intel core i5 aspire laptop 5months back, my processor speed is 2.27Ghz but now coming laptop of same configuration has a speed of 2.47Ghz….do can i increase my processor speed???????? get me answer to my Email

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