Sandy Bridge “Unboxing”

Dadi Perlmutter (VP and GM of the Intel Architecture Group) detailed features for our upcoming 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processor family (Sandy Bridge) for laptops and PCs… Spolier: more energy efficient and a visually stunning experience.

The chips are expected to be in production later this year with new laptops and PCs available starting in early 2011.

These new improvements are achieved via a new “ring” architecture that allows the built-in processor graphics engine to share resources such as cache, or a memory reservoir, with the processor’s core to increase a device’s computing and graphics performance while maintaining energy efficiency.

Intel’s new processor graphics delivers enhanced visual features focused on the areas where most users are computing today: HD video, 3-D, mainstream gaming, multi-tasking and online socializing and multimedia.

Check out Steve Smith, vice president and director of PC Client Operations Intel Corporation.


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  1. Hi Intel,
    Just a quick question.
    Why did Intel change from 1156 so soon? It wasn’t out for very long. Was there something wrong with it’s design that made you want to dump it for a redesign (1155) ?
    Thanks =)

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