St. Paul Academy – classmate PCs in action!

Back in March I shared some thoughts about my time visiting the teachers and students of St. Paul Academy. We now have some footage of the classmate PCs in action at St. Paul Academy, including reactions from some of the teachers and students I had the pleasure of meeting there:

After refreshing my memory watching the video, I have some additional thoughts to add. Teachers and students from the school are really embracing the idea of 1:1 learning with the classmate PCs. In addition to what is shown in the video, the discussions with the teachers and students pointed to a very rich usage of classmate PCs in a varied set of subjects – seeing the students go from doing what is told in the classroom to embracing their creativity and accomplishing the lessons using many different creative tools is one powerful influence of technology in the classroom! I am always excited to see how a new school puts classmate PCs in a classroom to use and St. Paul Academy did not disappoint.  One thing that blew me away was how involved the students have been from the start. The computers didn’t just show up one day. Instead, the kids sat down with the teachers and developed a “Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” for using them.  The class discussed how they wanted to use the computers, how they would take care of them and some basic ideas to make the experience better. The “Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” included everything from online behavior to when to charge the computers. The kids were able to take ownership of and pride in the technology they were getting to use.  Everyone was really energized by the addition of the classmate PCs to the classroom. Seeing the way the kids lit up and the potential for learning made me proud to work at Intel.

Check out the short video of the teachers and kids of St. Paul Academy here –