My iPad Meets My WiFi

I was one of those first 300,000 that lined up at Apple Stores to get my Apple iPad. A buddy and I went to the Apple Store in Palo Alto, CA. The atmosphere was charged like a movie premier. We stood in the reservation line for about 20 minutes as TV news cameras rolled.

One of the first things I did was to connect my iPad it to my Microsoft Windows 7 laptop running an Intel® My WiFi TechnologyPAN (Wi-Fi Personal Area Network). It connected flawlessly. Next, I downloaded the Air Sharing HD app for the iPad so I could wirelessly transfer files from my laptop to my iPad. Because my laptop is connected to the Internet, so is my Apple iPad without even connecting to any Wi-Fi LAN.

Intel® My WiFi Technology and the Apple iPad are perfect companions. With the Wi-Fi PAN emanating from my laptop, my iPad can connected to my personal content repository residing on my laptop. If the Apple iTunes software allowed me to synch over Wi-Fi, my life would be complete!

Check out this historic linkup of the Apple iPad to laptop running Microsoft Windows 7 with an Intel Core i5 processor, an Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200 Wi-Fi adapter, and Intel® My WiFi Technology.





One Response to My iPad Meets My WiFi

  1. Idlehand says:

    Are you able to use internet through your “mifi” with you iPad? My iPad and iPhone 4 are connected to my toshiba intel i3 through a personal linksys wireless n. They both show as connected, but I have no internet to either one. What am I doing wrong here?