It Takes a Community to Transform Education

On Monday, in New York City’s Central Park, we launched the newest member of the Intel-powered convertible classmate PC!

I say “we” because it was not only us there, on site, with the kids and the press, but also many members of the Intel Learning Series Alliance. The simple fact that it’s a “we” and not just Intel or just any one organization is reason enough to pause for a moment and reflect. To borrow a famous phrase: it takes a community to transform education for the 21st century.

No one institution can make the kinds of changes necessary to integrate the awesome power of digital technologies into the day-to-day classroom experience.

At home, kids are connected to the internet, to each other, to a vast array of experiences. But as I write, many kids in the world – many of your kids, in fact – go back in time 20 years when they step into the classroom. The time is long overdue for children and teachers and administrators to make effective use of digital technologies.

So it was heartening indeed to see a community dedicated to bringing relevant technology to the classroom taking shape right in front of my eyes. What’s extra terrific is that this wasn’t just here in New York, we’ve been launching this new convertible classmate PC around the world with the appropriate local communities – in Argentina, India, United States and more. It’s a global phenomenon! Education is country and sometimes state or province specific. It takes communities of different, but coordinated, people acting in concert to provide the solutions that make sense for their constituents.

I know it takes the community for the Intel Learning Series to enable the significant education transformation needed for the 21st century. I knew these different communities were coming together in their regions. And today I was fortunate to see it with my own eyes. It gives me renewed hope that together, we’re on the right path and that together, we can improve education for the coming hundred years.

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