WiMAX, 3G and LTE: A Capacity Analysis

The mobile wireless industry is facing unprecedented challenges in meeting the data demands of their subscribers with their desire for fast, mobile Internet. Wireless technologies are often compared on theoretical peak data rates, but it’s actual capacity or spectral efficiency – the average realized data throughputs – is the real metric that wireless technologies should be compared.

For operators, meeting this demand translates into technology upgrades and more cell towers, both leading to higher CAPEX spending. To achieve a return on their network investments, it’s important to evaluate technologies based upon spectral efficiency. WiMAX technology, with its superior 4G performance and the flexibility of its uplink/downlink ratio, is well positioned to cost effectively meet wireless broadband capacity needs compared to HSPA (3GPP Rel. 6), HSPA+ (3GPP Rel. 7), and LTE (3GPP Rel. 8).

Check out the latest Intel WiMAX Program Office (WPO) white paper by Geng Wu and Caroline Chan WiMAX, 3G and LTE: A Capacity Analysis to learn more.