I bet you haven’t seen an Intel chip do this

You’ve used Intel chips in PCs and most times you Google something, Intel is powering your search; but did you know that Intel chips are also inside many everyday devices like ATMs, fast food digital signs and airport check-in kiosks? Our chips can also teach you how to workout, help control how much energy you use in your house, and grow more tomatoes per acre than ever before. And there’s many more yet-to-be-discovered uses for our Intel embedded processors – think about renewable energy, transportation – the possibilities are virtually endless!

To show some of the non-PC uses for the Atom and Core processors you know and love, we created a few new videos that show a snapshot of some of the amazing things Intel chips are doing today by helping everyday devices get smarter. As our goal was to educate and entertain, we follow a mock-investigative news reporter as he discovers this brave new – and intelligent – world.

One video is about intelligent home energy management systems and how homeowners can save as much as $500 per year on energy costs. Another, a computer-aided tractor that improves crop yield by analyzing soil conditions and calculating seed and fertilizer accordingly. The third showcases a revolutionary gym system that helps people work out smarter, as if the machine were your trainer. The latter is actually such an amazing use of technology that Intel has put some of this equipment in the employee gym at our Chandler, Arizona campus.

Intel makes the brains that go inside your everyday devices, so it’s only fitting they’re helping people live smarter, too. Where would you like to see more intelligence in your life?

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