An Interview with the “De-Material Girl”

I get excited when my PC can solve problems for me. Figuring out a new way to communicate information or different ways to connect with friends and family add to the quality of my work and life. While we all instinctively understand these small but significant contributions, we often don’t think about the bigger contributions computing is making to society. Well, that is until you speak to someone like Lorie Wigle, GM of Intel’s Eco-Tech program office. Lorie stopped by to chat about her recent trip to Copenhagen where she represented Intel at the global climate conference. We talked about moving from a focus strictly on climate change mitigation to one that includes adaptation and discussed why technology innovation is at the heart of the world’s efforts to address the massive issues we’re facing.

Ironically my iTunes went straight to Madonna’s “Material Girl” after first listening to the interview with Lorie which made me reflect on how we may have gotten into this situtation to begin with. It also reminded me of one of the greatest promises of technology: the “de-materialization” of the stuff we want and need towards a a society where information replaces use. If you’d like to learn from Intel’s De-Material girl, check out the interview.