Daily Archives: February 22, 2010

Profile: Jim St. Leger

Jim St. Leger is the technology marketing manager in Intel’s Embedded and Communications Group (ECG.) He’s helping the industry understand how to navigate and capitalize on the transition to multicore processors which involves both hardware and software challenges. His application … Read more >

Making the Future

Every new year starts with that sense of reinvention – that sense that things could be different, will be different, should be different. 2010 has started exactly the same way – I woke up in an old homestead in rural … Read more >

IEEE 802.16m to the Rescue: Meeting the Exploding Mobile Internet Data Demand

Guest repost from goingWimax.com by Sanjiv Gupta, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer at Intel. Commercially available Mobile WiMAX is here! Major networks have successfully rolled out worldwide with Clearwire in the U.S., UQ Communications in Japan, and Yota in Russia taking … Read more >