Intel® Wireless Display Makes the Ultimate Cosmic Connection: Laptop to HDTV

The placement of my HDTV in the family room was never designed to let me hook up a laptop to it. It’s as if my HDTV and my Internet fed laptop were in parallel digital universes. Sure, I could sit on the couch with my laptop and run a long HDMI cable across the room, but a cord laying across the floor is fraught with danger.

Then came the “Big Bang” at CES 2010 with the announcement of Intel® Wireless Display. I so get this product. With Intel® Wireless Display and a laptop powered by select all new 2010 Intel® Core™ processors and anIntel® Centrino® Wi-Fi adapter, I just sit back and experience my favorite videos, photos, music or any content projected onto my HDTV. No wires, no additional remote control, it’s all done via Wi-Fi. I don’t even need to mess with my Wi-Fi access point thanks to Intel® My WiFi Technology, which creates a Wi-Fi Personal Area Network (PAN). Finally, the Internet hits the big screen without wires!

Check out the review of Intel® Wireless Display at AnandTech “The Best Thing at CES – Intel’s Wireless HD Technology.”

On Jan. 17 laptops by Dell, Sony and Toshiba and a TV adapter by NETGEAR – featuring Intel® Wireless Display – will be available at Best Buy* in the United States and Canada as part of its Blue Label 2.0 program.

One Response to Intel® Wireless Display Makes the Ultimate Cosmic Connection: Laptop to HDTV

  1. anna midnight says:

    i bought push2tv and i dont think my laptop has intel wireless display? toshiba L675 with intel corei3? can you help? is there some kind of download i can get to make this thing work??