New Super-Efficient Atom Processors Sip Energy

Atom was always designed from the ground-up for low power, but the next generation Atom platform announced today for netbooks and entry-level desktops just got better. The new processors are manufactured on Intel’s 45nm process technology, enabling the integration of graphics and memory controller directly on the CPU die, an Intel first. The result: a much smaller overall package, improved performance, and lower power. Resize of Pinetrail_27.jpg

The new Intel Atom processor N450 for netbooks coupled with the new low power Intel NM10 Express chipset is 60% smaller than the previous generation platform with 20% lower average power. That means smaller, sleeker designs, lower costs, and better battery life in a market that is continuing to explode with Atom-based systems from virtually every PC manufacturer. The guys over at Laptop Magazine tested one system that got almost 9hrs of battery life in initial testing. There’s also a single-core and dual core version for entry-level desktops, the D410 and D510. Watch for some cool new desktop systems including some super small fanless and all-in-one designs. The new desktop platform has 50% lower TDP and is 70% smaller than its predecessor.

As we head into the second phase of growth for netbooks, it’s interesting looking back for a moment. Since Atom was officially launched in June of 2008, Intel has sold more than 40 million Atom processors for netbooks and all of the original projections have far exceeded expectations. Sure, it was a great product in a recessionary year. But something we learned over the course of 2009 was that the internet, and devices that connect to it, remain an essential technology to have. These simple just-for-the-internet devices with screen sizes of 7-10 inches are a perfect companion device for email, browsing, and social networking on-the-go. But they arent for 3D gaming and multi-tasking. For that Intel offers a wide range of full-featured laptops including some exciting new Intel Core systems based on our latest 32nm process technology coming soon.

For more on the new Atom platform including a brief video and back-up materials, see here.

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